For armchair inspiration, one need only look to the Chairish community. From coast to coast (and in between) our talented roster of interior designers infuse spaces with soul. Every few months, we highlight a few of the firms who are inspiring us. Whether incorporating vintage into their projects or styling spaces in unexpected ways, they supply us with fresh ideas. Meet four of our current favorites and discover their chic Chairish finds.

Interior Design: Erin Sander Design | Photo: Nathan Schroder Photography


Based in Dallas, Texas, Erin Sander Design balances an architectural approach with a unique attention to detail—down to the fabrics, finishes, and vintage pieces that breathe life into a home. In a region where new builds are the norm, Erin’s focus on warm, understated materials and one-of-a-kind finds sets her apart. Here, she shares her love of handcraft and heritage, as well as her favorite Chairish pieces.


Erin Sander | Photo: Par Bengstsson

How does sustainability factor into your design choices and love of vintage?
I prefer to select pieces that are made by hand with a history and a person standing behind them. I appreciate artisans’ abilities to make pieces deliberately unique in a warm, understated way. Our designs are better when we add significant, one of a kind pieces in our work.

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Interior Design: Stephanie Hunt, The Flairhunter | Photo: Karyn Millet


As founder of lifestyle brand The Flairhunter, Stephanie Hunt is adept at sourcing original art, custom craft, and vintage finds. Based between Park City, Utah, and Southern California, she designs interiors infused with a colorful, approachable aesthetic that celebrates the uniqueness of each project. Hunt encourages clients to embrace their individuality with “something truly personal” whether that’s “a collection of books, a vintage pendant light, or a textured patterned fabric to reupholster a footstool or wing chair.” Here, she shares her aesthetic influences and some one-of-a-kind Chairish finds.


Stephanie Hunt | Photo: Blake Peterson

What do you find most compelling about Chairish?
I love that Chairish feels like shopping in flea markets and vintage antiques stores all around the world without ever needing to travel to find the pieces. I’ve always mixed old with new and have said that a brand-new house lacks a soul unless there are at least a few old, vintage things in the mix. Shopping on Chairish can give a home that global, inherited feel.

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Interior Design by Old Soul Studio, Styling by Kristi Hunter, Photo by Brian Wetzel


A self-proclaimed “old soul” who loves vintage and antique pieces, Krystal Reinhard founded Old Soul Studio in Philadelphia to create spaces that feel “lived-in and deeply personal.” From sourcing custom-crafted pieces to finding just-the-right mix of color and pattern, her work centers on a blend of old and new. Here, she shares her tips for embracing contrast and creating unexpected moments, along with a few of her favorite Chairish finds.


Krystal Reinhard, Old Soul Studio | Photo: Justin James Muir

Favorite way to create a statement-making moment in a room?
To create a statement-making moment in a room, I embrace bold contrasts that ignite the senses. I love infusing a room with an unexpected twist, which you can achieve in a few ways—the more the better!  From a striking piece of original art, to a vivid splash of color, or a patterned wallpaper that captivates and intrigues. When you layer these elements it’s the perfect recipe for creating a statement-moment that’s not just seen, but deeply felt.

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Donobedian’s Refind Home, Photo Courtesy of Tod Donobedian


Donobedian’s Refind Home is a San Francisco institution for those in search of hard-to-find pieces. A seasoned dealer with an eye for the uncommon, Tod Donobedian works with clients to furnish their spaces in character-steeped objects that tell a story. His advice for starting a collection? “Bombard yourself with visual information, make no apologies for what you love, and run with it.” Here, he shares his tips for creating memorable rooms and his favorite finds from Chairish.


Photo Courtesy of Tod Donobedian

What advice do you have for first-time clients about making their spaces truly personal?
Bombard yourself with visual information. See as much as you possibly can and start to assess whether certain themes emerge from the images you select. Is there a common thread in the images you love? Is it a color scheme you are drawn to? A time period? Is it minimal, maximal, traditional, avant garde? Make no apologies for what you love and run with it.

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Lead Photo: Interior: Erin Sander Design, Photo: Nathan Schroder Photography.

February 26, 2024

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