Based in Dallas, Texas, Erin Sander Design balances an architectural approach with a unique attention to detail—down to the fabrics, finishes, and vintage pieces that breathe life into a home. In a region where new builds are the norm, Erin’s focus on warm, understated materials and one-of-a-kind finds sets her apart. Here, she shares key things to keep in mind when you’re starting a project, as well as her favorite Chairish pieces.


Erin Sander | Photo: Par Bengstsson

What made you passionate about interior design? How’d you get your start?
As I began my college career, my father encouraged me to take a career aptitude test. My results showed strong strengths towards Interior Design. My heart has always leaned towards the love of design and art, so when I found out that my skills set favored interior design I was ready to pursue this career and didn’t look back.  

Interior Design: Erin Sander Design | Photo: Nathan Schroder Photography

What do you find most compelling about Chairish?
We rely on Charish when sourcing one of a kind, unique pieces. Our clients all express their desire to “not have the same house as their neighbors” and therefore we never do the same thing twice. It’s so important for us to source these really significant pieces to bring to our clients as a one of one.

Interior Design: Erin Sander Design | Photo: Nathan Schroder Photography

How does sustainability factor into your design choices and love of vintage?
I prefer to select pieces that are made by hand with a history and a person standing behind them. I appreciate artisans’ abilities to make pieces deliberately unique in a warm, understated way. Our designs are better when we add significant, one of a kind pieces in our work.

Interior Design: Erin Sander Design | Photo: Nathan Schroder Photography

Favorite way to create a statement-making moment in a room?
We love designing a unique and special powder bath. I feel it’s easy to take a risk as its a small space that can really wow. It’s a great space to stretch our creative wings and our clients love to take risks along with us in this space. 

Interior Design: Erin Sander Design | Photo: Nathan Schroder Photography

Do you have any go to color palettes and color combos? 
At Erin Sander Design, we truly allow the client to lead their preferences on palette. However, I personally always gravitate towards earthy tones and textures. I love combining multiple tones and textures at a time, while staying in a soft, soothing color palette.

Interior Design: Erin Sander Design | Photo: Nathan Schroder Photography

What advice do you have for first-time clients about making their spaces truly personal?
There is nothing more valuable than having a professional in your corner. The advice and insight they can offer is priceless. Find your design team and listen to and trust them to lead you through the process.  They have a rare perspective on the market that can be a tremendous benefit to you. 

At Erin Sander Design, we pull our inspiration from our client. We have a process in place that allows the creative and inspiration process to be collaborative at the onset of the project. While each of our clients come to us looking for a different, fresh new look; we have an over arching theme of “Relaxed, Refined Elegance” throughout each of our designs.

Lead Image: Interior Design: Erin Sander Design, Photo: Nathan Schroder Photography.

February 25, 2024

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