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Why have little of a good thing when you can have plenty? That sounds like the official Victorian era decorating motto. If you love a lavish life and want your home to be an ode to abundance, Victorian might just be your style. Leave minimalism and thoughts of underplay far behind—there is no room for that in a Victorian style home! Instead, think: tassels, damask upholstery and pretty pastels aplenty. It is time to let lavishness ensue!

Quick History: The Victorian era was named after the reign of Queen Victoria, the English monarch ruled from 1837 to 1901. The opulent style was considered a response to the Industrial revolution (i.e. there was a whole new upper middle class that had the resources—and the style chops!—to indulge). Here are a couple of ways to add Victorian style to your home:

Wallpaper: Victorian decor was all about wallpaper and rightfully so considering factory-manufactured wallpaper was just becoming available. The Victorians did wallpaper like no one else—think pastels and prints. A mint or rose colored wallpaper with a damask or floral print would have a Victorian (and us!) squealing with happiness. While maroon and gold were also heavily favored, pastels were definitely the belle of the decorating ball.

Furniture: If Victorian furniture had a calling card, it would be hand-crafted wood furniture. Materials like walnut, mahogany and oak were highly favored—a thought we can really get behind, as delicately-carved Victorian furniture looks absolutely delicious! With the right maintenance, this sturdy furniture can be passed on from generation to another, which means that used Victorian furniture can be bought confidently. Whee!

If don’t want the full-blown palace makeover, there are many small ways to add the Victorian decor to your home too. Here are some quick style tips:

Throw In a Rug or Two: Forget less is more—in this case more is not enough. Either throw a Persian rug over a solid wool rug or deploy the power of contrasts and split your living room into two nooks by using two different rugs. This can be a charming way to create the feeling of space when in a crunch. Why have one rug when you can have two?

Choose Iconic Furniture: If you don’t want a room full of Victorian furniture, keep it to one attention-grabbing accent piece. Nothing screams Victorian quite like a settee. This seating option went from understudy to verified superstar during this period. A beautiful Victorian settee with mahogany finish and pastel upholstery—yes, yes, yes!

Texture Talks: Add a touch of drama with pleats, tassels and fringes. These texture top-offs instantly add Victorian panache to any room. Use them to deck heavy floral curtains or candlestick lamps with embroidered shades. Who doesn’t love drama?

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