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Victorian Accent Chairs


If you’re looking to add a stately accent chair to a living room, dining room, or bedroom, you can’t get more sophisticated than a Victorian accent chair. Undeniably regal, Victorian accent chairs come in a multitude of styles but share some common design elements such as high backs, decorative upholstery, and intricate woodwork. Use a fully upholstered Victorian lounge chair to energize a living room set-up, or use a wood dining chair style to create an elegant moment in a bath or bedroom.

Shop Traditional Victorian Eastlake Style Chairs

For Victorian purists, consider going with a traditional-style seat like an Eastlake chair. Eastlake chairs are generally square and up-right and feature an elaborate wood frame with high, geometric carved reliefs. Their backs and seats are typically upholstered and often showcase elaborate needlework. Since the Victorian era was characterized in part by a Gothic and Rococo revival, Victorian chairs tend to skew more ornamental than previous eras. French victorian chairs often have a throne-like aura, complete with tufted upholstery on the back and seats.

Discover Authentic Peacock Chairs and More

If you’re not sold on such a regal perch, consider one of the era’s other most iconic models: the peacock chair. Inspired by photos of similar chairs that originated in the Far East, the peacock chair is a high-backed Victorian chair that features a towering radial back and tapering barrel-style seat. It’s also traditionally made of rattan, lending it unmatched bohemian allure. Use a pair of peacock chairs as head dining chairs at a table to set a playful yet elegant tone, or drop one into an empty bedroom corner to make an eye-catching statement.

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