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Full disclosure: Art Nouveau furniture wasn’t always made to be very functional, but we can promise that they are absolutely beautiful. With a number of different names, like Glasgow, or if you’re German, Jugendstil, this style can be traced back to its beginnings in 1878, Vienna, where a group of architects were searching for a design style that emphasized the use of natural forms as an opposition to straight lines. These architects ended up creating the Art Nouveau style as they designed home furnishings to accompany the buildings they designed. In 1900, it gained attention at the Paris Exposition and designers across Europe began to pick offer their own interpretations. Art Nouveau played an important role in the evolution of furniture design, paving the way for Art Deco of the 1920s, and after a popular revival in the 1960s, also set the foundation of Modernism. Art Nouveau furniture really emphasized the ‘art’ aspect, with elegant linear contours and fine finishes. These pieces were not cheap to make either. Much of them were produced in factories, but demanded extreme attention for the curving shapes and polishes. Today, vintage Art Nouveau pieces play perfectly with modern aesthetics and can be a great way to add personality with their whimsical and floral motifs. From intricate floral paintings to vintage Tiffany lamps, Chairish has a wide selection of the best Art Nouveau items from around the country. Shop our collection of vintage Art Nouveau furniture and home decor today.