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    projectOBJKT is the brainchild and passion project of Los Angeles based artist, Cody Bayne.

    projectOBJKT takes pride in sourcing uniquely individual and amazing pieces for you. The OBJKTS Cody selects are purposeful and personal in curation. He understands the relationship that each piece, whether simply decoration, art or functional design, will form between the pieces and whomever lives with them in their home .

    Cody comes from a family of artists, collectors and dealers. As a child he ran carefree, albeit carefully, through his Grandmother's antique shop, his Father's Auction house and his Mother's collection of fine objects. Very early in his life he learned the importance of objects in our lives whether it be form, function or fun.

    This shop is a reflection of a lifetime of learning, collecting and selling.
    In March 2023 the project will expand to a space at Pasadena Antiques & Design Market where local pick-up can be arranged

    Objects have a power to create meaningful relationships, memories and joy to our homes and lives.

    Thank you for letting projectOBJKT be part of your history.