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Poul Hundevad

One look at furniture designer Poul Hundevad’s unfussy Danish designs rendered in rich, soulful woods and it’s easy to see his past life as a carpentry mastery on full display. Having trained as a carpenter before opening his own furniture factory, Poul Hundevad may be one of the lesser known Danish modernists compared to Jens Risom and Arne Jacobsen, but that doesn’t make his work any less marvelous! Among the most iconic Paul Hundevad pieces is a Paul Hundevad credenza or chest. Use one as a TV stand and you might find your eyes resting on it more than your favorite Netflix shows. In addition, these bad boys pack a ton of space for board games, napkins, toys, or craft goodies—hey, we don’t judge! In addition to Paul Hundevad cabinets and credenzas, Poul Hundevad bookshelves are worth some long lingering looks as well. A vintage Poul Hundevad bookshelf is absolutely delicious and a complete showstopper, perfect for showing off tony tomes and other design goodies. Another Poul Hundevad piece you won’t be able to resist? A Poul Hundevad blanket chest. Fabulously kooky and right on the money when it comes to out-of-sight-out-of-mind storage, a Poul Hundevad chest will lend any corner just the perfect amount of lift.