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Maitland-Smith is synonymous with innovation and quality in decor, lighting, and furniture. Maitland-Smith continues to produce quality Traditional pieces with unique designs inspired by 17th and 18th Century England. Chairish proudly presents the below quality vintage Maitland-Smith furniture.


For years, Maitland-Smith has been making wonderful and one-of-a-kind accessories, lighting, and accent furniture. Their roots are considerably more profound, stemming from the styles and beauty seen in collectibles from Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century England. Having constantly played an essential part in their history and design style, these inspiring and exquisite designs are reflected in vintage Maitland-Smith furniture. As all good things, though, they evolved through time and began to incorporate materials, styles, and methods found all over the world, creating pieces that stand the test of time, both in durability and in style.

Today Maitland-Smith is an industry pioneer in furniture and accessories recognized as first class quality and imaginative design. Their areas of mastery include metal casting, finely executed porcelains, finishing techniques, detailed hand painting, excellent inlaid marquetry, and the finest hand carved woodwork. Calfskin, penshell, and eggshell are only a couple of the huge number of materials that are utilized to make Maitland-Smith treasures.

Headquartered in North Carolina, Maitland-Smith still makes sought-after furniture, but we’re more interested in their vintage pieces, the pieces that bring a bit of character to a room.


Vintage Maitland-Smith furniture is recognizable by its exceptional quality and opulent designs. Drawing inspiration from the Romantic period, these pieces are marked by rich wood, touchable fabrics, and high-quality craftsmanship. These pieces are not for the faint of heart—this vintage furniture demands attention.

If you’re on the hunt for your own piece of used Maitland-Smith furniture, look for furniture that has interesting, romantic details. Below is our list of dead giveaways that what you’re finding is authentic.


If you find an armchair that boasts touchable material (thick leather, brushed suede, or hand painted linen) and fine woodwork. The legs can be long and lean or compact and ornate—either way, the wood grain will be carefully highlighted and the measurements spot on.

Side or Accent Tables

As varied as they come, vintage Maitland-Smith accent tables don’t adhere to any specific style. They’re often more romantic than the designer’s more mod counterparts, but they can be extremely svelte. Look for accents that may be overlooked, but were clearly thoughtfully placed—travertine tops, interesting architecture, or marquetry.

Cabinets or Chests

Again, vintage Maitland-Smith cabinets don’t ascribe to one particular style or theme. Their incredible variety means that everyone is bound to find a piece they love. Authentic pieces will feature an accent that takes it over the top—gilding, hand painting, or elaborate carving.

Dining Tables

Dining tables are somewhat easier to spot at a distance. Usually rectangular, these pieces typically boast two stout supports and take up less floor space. Sometimes the legs are elaborately carved, or feature fanciful cross beams. Round dining tables are also desired, with impressive bases that usually feature impressive woodwork.

China Hutches

A china cabinet is a staple for any kitchen or living room. Vintage Maitland-Smith china cabinets offer extreme interest via their architectural details like fanciful glass panes or interesting shelving. The fronts offer either striking metal pulls or a more subdued look.


A sturdy desk is the building block of a home office, and a Maitland-Smith is an excellent addition to your space. These handsome, solid wood pieces feature ample storage, beautiful stains and colors, and are impressive. Some offer leather-inlayed tops, while others are interesting in design--they may be more oval or bowed in the middle.

Book Shelves

An integral part to any home, a bookshelf is an excellent way to bring subtle style and character to a room. These pieces usually feature impressive wood- or metal-work with a glass accent, be it the shelves themselves or glass doors to showcase rare tombs.


Never one to shy away from opulence, vintage Maitland-Smith benches frequently showcase an attractive animal print, like zebra or leopard. These benches are perfect for entryways and typically have short sides that double as handholds. Look for elaborate carving and gold accents.

Dining Chairs

Vintage Maitland-Smith dining chairs are easy to spot. They feature beautiful wood legs that have an interesting aspect to add, like one curved leg, or impressive clawed front feet. The backs are open, showcasing beautiful wood or impressive carving. Some chairs have padded seats and backs, always in a luxurious fabric.

Bars & Accessories

Truly individual, these additions to your home will bring about delight and conversation. From hand painted bar cabinets that mimic telephone booths to traditional bar carts with surprise touches like leather inlay and glass shelves, Maitland-Smith bar pieces are equally whimsical and impressive.


At Chairish, we know how important quality and efficiency is for those who love and collect antiques. That’s why our pieces are showcased online, so you can shop anytime, anywhere. We want you to find the piece of your dreams, no hassle, no rush.