Do you dream of Eames? Chances are high, that if you’ve landed here, you do. But have you ever stopped to mull over the reason why Eames chairs are such icons? To decipher why Eames chairs are just so covetable, we’re delving into the Eames cannon and digging into the merits of three of Ray and Charles Eames’s most stalwart designs — the Eames Lounger, Eames Aluminum Group Chair, and Eames Fiberglass Chair.  

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Eames Lounge Chairs

The undisputed crown jewel of the Eames seating lineup, the Eames Lounger has the kind of insider following usually reserved for six-figure automobiles. When it was unveiled in 1956, the Eames chair immediately captivated thanks to its dual focus on comfort and design. The Eames, who were notoriously cost-conscious when it came to other chairs, sparred no expense with the Eames Lounger. In fact, the original design included an exterior shell made of no fewer than five layers of Brazilian rosewood.

Today, the chair has earned legions of fans thanks to its unrivaled aesthetics, couture-like attention to detail, and next-level comfort. With its 15-degree tilt that’s engineered to relieve pressure from the base of the spine, the Eames Lounger is essentially a recliner — albeit the most aesthetically-pleasing recliner on the planet.  

Eames Aluminum Group Chair

As illustrated by the Eames Lounger, a deft blending of ergonomics and aesthetics was essential to the Eames ethos. The Aluminum Group Chair is no exception. Easily the duo’s most popular office chair, the Aluminum Group chair offers sublime body support without any of the off-putting apparatus that accompanies other ergonomically-endowed chairs. (See: the Aeron Chair.)  With its graceful silhouette, the Aluminum Group chair can slide into virtually any home office seamlessly. 

Eames Fiberglass Chair

A simple bucket-style seat and a wide catalog of colors makes the Eames Fiberglass chair an eternal favorite. Unlike other Mid-Century Modern chairs that skew too retro to casually combine with contemporary furnishings, Eames Fiberglass chairs can mix without generating any discordance. It’s a quietly cool seat that can take up residence wherever needed. Be it at a dining table, a kid’s room, or stationed in a narrow entry hall.

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Design by Martin Young Design / Photo by Matthew Millman


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January 9, 2022

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