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Eames Chairs

Boasting the kind of icon status the rivals some celestial bodies, vintage Eames chairs are an obsession for many. (Consider both our hands raised!) The Eameses’ designs were groundbreaking, featuring innovations to the way furniture was manufactured. Their molded fiberglass chairs catapulted the brand to stardom in the 1950s, as the chair’s sculptural shape played into the era’s modern leanings. This design was intentionally created to be low-cost and easy to mass produce, and was the first one-piece plastic to have a completely exposed surface. Not only does it come in a variety of colors, you can choose from different styles including armless and armed versions with a number of bases. The Eames molded plastic chairs are versatile too, working as dining chairs, desk chairs, or even just a simple accent chair. For a more luxurious lounge chair, the Eameses created the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman set. Their first design for the high-end market, it took the world by storm. To this day, it is still considered the golden standard for lounge chairs, and is a universally recognized staple of modern furniture. You can find these molded plywood and leather chairs in museums and the homes of the world’s elite. While some chairs are still in production today, used Eames chairs can be shopped right here on Chairish! Still on the hunt? Check out all of our accent chairs.