What is the difference between a wardrobe and a closet?

The main difference between a wardrobe and closet is that a wardrobe is a stand-alone piece of furniture similar to an armoire, while a closet is a built-in feature in a room that comprises part of a home’s physical floor plan. A wardrobe is generally best for a room that does not contain a traditional built-in closet, or for rooms where a closet has been transformed into another use, such as a desk space or nursery. A wardrobe can provide hanging room for clothing, and depending on its design, may contain drawer space for items such as folded sweaters, jeans, or even shoes. Because they’re not designed to be moved, closets are almost always more extensive than wardrobes and allow for more customization. For instance, closets can be equipped with hanging space, shelving, drawers, and even vanities and seating depending on their size.

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Photo by William Waldron / Photo courtesy of Wesley Moon Inc.


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October 26, 2019

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