It wasn’t that long ago that most couples were registering for a single formal china pattern when it came time to wed. But for today’s modern entertainer, there are seemingly endless alternatives to explore. Amidst all this change, a new (err, old) favorite has emerged: vintage china patterns. The craftsmanship and artful designs of these tabletop treasures have stood the test of time, some achieving iconic status along the way. That old urge to settle for a single set however has been replaced with a free-wheeling approach to mixing and matching. Which is why we’re thrilled to have Replacements as a new Chairish seller, offering a peerless archive of exceptional antique and vintage china, meaning you don’t have to hunt fleas or inherit to get in on the game. Discover their collection and the new ways vintage china is dressing up today’s modern table.

Courtesy of Replacements

Make Heirlooms Work For You

An all-over floral pattern from a relative may have been a definite ‘pass’ at one time, but today it can be a colorful layer in a very of-the-moment maximalist setting. When combined with new pattern-heavy pieces, the overall scheme comes off as grand, personal, and a bit haute bohemian. If you prefer a more subdued effect, mix these more traditional patterns with other classics in a similar color palette, or even solids, for a look that is less offbeat but still totally one-of-a-kind.

Courtesy of Replacements
Courtesy of Replacements

Adapt To Suit Modern Needs

Just because serving tea isn’t part of your entertaining game-plan doesn’t mean classic items like teacups and saucers are obsolete. One hot new restaurant serves their signature cocktails in a teacup, and what’s not to love about a scoop of ice cream presented in a charming teacup and saucer? Another option: turning your teacups into soup bowls. Teapot as vase? Yes please! Today’s entertainer thinks beyond the traditional uses of vintage china pieces and has a bit of fun.

Courtesy of Replacements

Think In Courses

Formally set tables are rare in this age of casual entertaining, and the unified set is even rarer. Instead, when acquiring tabletop items, people are increasingly thinking in courses. If the dessert plate won’t be on the table with the dinner plate, there’s even less reason to worry about them matching. Each plate is an opportunity to introduce a new look to the dining experience for your guests. So next time, don’t pass up that set of on-off dessert plates just because you’re worried they won’t ‘go’ with that you already have.

Photo by Jason Varney, Courtesy of Replacements

Make One-Off Moments Beautiful

Having vintage china in your entertaining arsenal lends a unique look and feel to those special meals, but on their own these pieces can also be used to upgrade the everyday. Lushly adorned vintage platters take a cheese and crackers spread to a whole new level, not to mention a charming set of side plates. The care with which vintage china pieces were made instantly dresses up even the humblest of occasions and snacks. Served up in a stunning vintage bowl, potato chips have never looked better.  

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Photo Courtesy of Replacements

Lead Photo Courtesy of Replacements


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May 14, 2019

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