While this will certainly be a holiday season unlike any other, we’re big believers in living your best life and surrounding yourself with meaningful pieces you love. Whether you’re lucky enough to be celebrating with loved ones or keeping things small (and FaceTiming at dinner!), be sure to make these holidays matter. With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite pieces, called The Curated Table. Below, we’ve divvied up our picks between some of the trends we’re seeing this season and some of the specific holidays to celebrate. Browse what’s new and noteworthy below, get shopping for some fantastic pieces, and make sure to wrap up 2020 right.

And to see live coverage and more details about all these trends, watch our Curated Table webinar.

First Up: Cocktail Hour

The key to starting any great dinner party is a hearty cocktail hour (especially in 2020). But whether you choose to imbibe or just enjoy a flavored soda or tea, there are plenty of options for elevating things. Elegant glassware is joined by sleek pitchers, cocktail napkins, coasters, and all kinds of accessories to dress up the pre-dinner delights.

Fall Jewel-Toned Gems

Amp up traditional autumn colors with shades in jewel tones — literally. Rich rubies, deep sapphires, and chic golds and brass colors complete the look. You can elevate classic fall styles by selecting vibrant, punchy hues, even when your pieces adhere to more classic themes. 

Mediterranean Mood

Step outside of the expected autumn experience by incorporating the colors of an entirely different part of the world. Bring in a touch of the Mediterranean with patterns inspired by colorful blue-and-gold tilework and evenings spent by the sea. We promise you won’t even miss the Turkey Trot when you’re imagining supper in Santorini.

Blue, White & Glam

For a twist on the traditional, try an autumnal take on that classic preppy color combination — blue and white — with elements like agate-inspired plates and eye-catching candlesticks. You can add a dash of elegance with touches of gold, from glassware to gold-rimmed plates and serving pieces.

The Seven Fishes

Take inspiration from the Italian-American tradition of the Seven Fishes with ocean-inspired elements for the table. Clamshell patterns, mother-of-pearl pieces, oyster shells, and more create an ebullient feeling of celebration that offers something different than the traditional turkey or goose.

Postmodern Moment

Channel holiday meals at The Factory with a meal that’s a color riot. Imagine Thanksgiving with Andy and Bianca by embracing your downtown dreams, with Pop Art plates, colorful cutlery, and shimmery, richly lacquered ice buckets. It’ll be a meal to remember.

Upstate Elegance

With the explosion of popularity the Hudson Valley has been seeing between weekenders and new full-time ex-Manhattanites, it was only a matter of time until the region’s style took over East Coast celebrations. Expect more subdued, upscale country palettes, including delicate lavender and mustard golds, and exquisitely crafted ceramics.

Setting the Table for Hanukkah

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with colorful pieces that make the holiday even brighter. Shimmering cutlery, eye-catching bowls, and plates in traditional blue and gold can be combined with one-of-a-kind menorahs to represent the holiday and partake in style.

Setting the Table for Christmas

Update your classic Christmas pieces with new additions to make spirits bright. Embrace the traditional red-and-green motif with some colorful new items including glossy serving bowls, shimmering plates, and dazzling serving trays that are designed to make everyone merry.

Setting the Table for New Year’s Eve

Even if we’re not having traditional New Year’s Eve parties as we knew them, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate with the ones who are closest. Embrace lavenders, blues, and golds this season with champagne coupes, ice buckets, and tabletop accessories that’ll keep things festive as we ring in 2021.

Ending the Evening: Coffee & Dessert

What is dinner but a precursor to dessert? We’re celebrating the end of 2020 — along with everyone else in the world — by wrapping things up with a delightful dessert. We’re choosing to embrace vivid color with vibrant placemats, charming ceramics, elegantly patterned coffee mugs, and serving accessories sure to make them smile.

Lead image: Francesco Lagnese/OTTO (designed by Bunny Williams)

November 9, 2020

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