Though we’re all familiar with the concept of spring cleaning (whether or not we actually do it), it’s certainly not the only season for refreshing your spaces. Fall is a fabulous time to take stock and think about any updates you’d like to make before the winter is upon us. It’s a perfect time to revamp your wall decor as well, and consider swapping in some new pieces to add color and a new dynamic before the days get shorter again.

With that in mind, our curators put together an incredible edit of must-shop pieces from exciting new artists this season. Whether you’re looking for vibrant, outrageous paintings or subdued black-and-white sketches, there are ideas for every type of collector. And after perusing all that beautiful new art (a difficult job, indeed), we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest trends we’re seeing for fall 2020. Check out our overview of the trends below, and be sure to watch our exclusive webinar to see more examples in depth and to learn how to solve some common art decorating dilemmas. And to hear from the artists in their own words, watch our videos featuring them discussing their work and inspirations.

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Assorted pieces of art that combine portraiture and collage on Chairish

The Intersection of Portrait & Collage

We may think of portraiture as something of a traditional art form — the stuff of long 19th-century hallways at the museum. But not so: one look at portraits like Kehinde Wiley’s now-iconic take on President Obama shows us how far the medium can go. Today, a portrait can include an array of mixed materials alongside its subject, heightening the power of the piece by providing contrast, color, and entirely new ways of looking at something classic. 

Key Artists: Rochelle Sodipo, Douglas Condzo, Heather Polk, Lino Lago, Nicole Lehne

Assorted landscape and exterior pieces in various mediums on Chairish

The World Around Us

The natural world has provided artistic fodder since… well… cave walls received their first paintings. But this is another area of the art world that’s changed over time. The rules around landscapes and cityscapes have changed, with plenty of opportunity for soothing natural greens and browns to live alongside vibrant representations of the world all around us. Select a piece like these to bring a touch of the outside in while still remaining up to date with your art.

Key Artists: Anouk, Angela Seear, Niqui Carter, Ted VanCleave, Ann Grace, Roberto Salomone

Assorted illustrations in various styles and bright pastels on Chairish


A versatile art form that can fit any type of room, illustrations can run the gamut from classic pencil drawings to hyper-realistic pieces that almost resemble photographs. On Chairish, we see everything from magazine cover-style illustrations to rich, colorful abstracts, and everything in between. Consider illustrations when putting together a gallery wall or when looking to make a statement with a small surface.

Key Artists: Jack Verhaeg, Caitlin McGauley, Euzhan Shabazz, Annie Naranian, Pauline de Roussy de Sales

Assorted pieces of art featuring flowers and butterflies on Chairish

Flower Power

Florals for spring? And the rest of the year too, please. Floral themes can be cheery, colorful, and traditional, but they can also take a classic and turn it on its head. Consider some of the works above, where florals are placed on contrasting dark backgrounds or where the flowers themselves are rendered in black. As with landscapes, there are infinite ways to reflect the natural world with flower power, and there are floral pieces to reflect every style and mood.

Key Artists: Marcy Cook, Debi Shapiro, Heather Polk, Tang wen ching, Sarah Gordon

Assorted pieces of abstract paintings in bold colors on Chairish

Make an Impact

Bold, contrasting swatches of color and paint strokes where you can practically feel the brush on the canvas are indicative of what we refer to as pieces that “Make an Impact.” Not for the faint of heart, these works are designed to command attention with their bold, intentional use of brushwork hitting the canvas (Marcus Aitken’s painting called “Hits Hits Hits” being a prime example). If you’re looking for a painting that starts a conversation, these are pieces worth considering.

Key Artists: Meighan Morrison, Caleb Mahoney, Marcus Aitken, Jaena Kwon, Elizabeth Saven, Santiago Picatoste, Mary Ball

Assorted paintings, photographs, and drawings in neutral tones on Chairish

Neutral Territory

On the other side of the spectrum, we’re seeing plenty of neutrals, though these works are anything but plain. Utilizing a subdued spectrum, these paintings, photographs, and drawings use blacks, whites, grays, and beiges to tell a story — without overpowering a room’s color story. Consider these types of pieces as a strong contrast for vibrantly hued walls or in rooms where the furniture takes center stage.

Key Artists: Brian Jerome, J. Patrick King, Douglas Condzo, Alex Soffer, Mckenzie Dove

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Euzhan Shabazz
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Marcy Cook
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Mckenzie Dove
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Roberto Salomone
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September 23, 2020

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