With autumn here — sorry to be the bearers of bad news on that front, if you didn’t know — we’re thinking about the trends that will dominate the rest of the year. The fall may be reliably known for chunky cable knit sweaters and pumpkin everything (at least in some climates), but the design world can always be counted on for a good surprise or two. Below, shop nine of our favorites, including invigorating color schemes, creative silhouettes, and of course, candy.

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Split reed Mid-Century Modern rattan chairs, mirror, lamp, couch, desk, side table reminiscent of Italian designer Gabriella Crespi

Gabriella Crespi-Inspired Split Reed

The Italian designer’s ingenious style and obsession with natural materials is pervading the design scene these days, 50 years after her heyday. In an era full of factory-made glossy plastic and shiny chrome, Crespi went her own way and embraced humble, natural materials and the traditional handiwork of artisan makers. Nowadays, you can see her influence everywhere from seating to mirrors and even desks.

Colorful, floral, burl wood, and zig zag mirrors are officially in this fall season.

Mirror, Mirror

Banish bare walls and embrace your inner Narcissus. Mirrors come in all shapes and styles and are a designer favorite to augment gallery walls and add that extra oomph to any room. We’re digging non-traditional styles, including painted frames, burl wood, and zig-zag shapes that draw the eye. Just don’t fall in.

floral and maximalist linens, vases, plates, glasses, paired with simple wine glasses and cutlery.

The Layered Fall Table

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are just a couple months away (we can’t believe it either). Get a head start crafting a gorgeously layered table with all the elements you’ll need to create a rich display, including vibrant placemats, eye-catching dinnerware, linens, vases, and more. The key this season is color and patterns that pack a punch.

American painter Wayne Thiebaud inspired these sweet paintings by artists like Nicole Newsted, Anya Spielman, and Keith Longcor

Wayne Thiebaud-Inspired Color & Confections

American painter Wayne Thiebaud — who turned 100 last year — is known for his still lifes of cakes, ice creams, and other colorful treats. His inspirations continue to be felt to this day, with delectable, color-rich paintings by artists like Nicole Newsted, Anya Spielman, and Keith Longcor.

Paintings, dishware, and curios that have a touch of Victorian style and a dash of the macabre are all the rage this fall

Old World Curiosities

Picture a cabinet of curiosities with a modern twist, and you’ve got this unique, spellbinding trend. Swirl together just a touch of Victorian style, striking contemporary colors, and a dash of the macabre, and this thought-provoking trend takes shape. Something wickedly wonderful this way comes…

Mustard yellow-gold pillows, couches, sculptures, paintings, lamps, and rugs are perfect for autumn.


Think past the 1970s-style mustard gold obsession (not that we didn’t occasionally love that, in the right pieces). This interpretation of mustard is more sophisticated and diverse, embodied in everything from seating to tableware and lighting to rugs. Whether it’s an accent color or the main hue used, this is a shade to watch.

Swedish geometric flatweave rugs are statement-making pieces that add unique color and pattern to any room

Geometric Swedish Flatweaves

Flatweave design doesn’t have to be… well… flat. These rugs embrace color and pattern, with bold use of diamonds, rectangles, and squares taking center stage. Dress up your floors with pieces that are as bold and elegant as your furniture.

Squiggly, biomorphic silhouettes are apparent in tables, mirrors, lighting, and sculptures

Biomorphic Silhouettes

The truth is out there… and we like the way it looks. These futuristic, space-styled pieces may feel like they’re from out of this world, but they bring organic curves and a fun energy to any room. We’re seeing these squiggles and swerves in tables, mirrors, lighting, sculpture, and more.

White oak and bleached finishes make for calm and collected pieces, perfect for seating, decor, storage, and more

White Oak & Bleached Finishes

There’s something almost Gustavian about some of these cool, calm pieces, with light, soft finishes and gorgeous grain details that make a design statement of their own. This is a versatile trend that can be seen in things like seating, decorative accessories, storage, and of course tables, all ready to show off their natural finishes.


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August 27, 2021

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