Those who know us know that we’ll never pass up an opportunity to celebrate vintage. So, in honor of this year’s SF Fall Art and Antiques Show, Chairish co-founder and president Anna Brockway hosted an intimate luncheon for a select group of SF-based designers and tastemakers. Playing off the Show’s theme: The Moon, The Sun, and The Stars, our event was literally star-studded (see more on that below!) and involved scrumptious bites, plenty of bubbly, and pretty table-scapes. Here’s a peek into our gathering and the details that provided its celestial magic!

Anna Brockway Chairish luncheon sets table with orange table cloth and blue napkins
Chairish president and co-founder Anna Brockway makes final touches to the guest settings at the start of the luncheon.
Design luncheon with long tables with orange table cloths
With its sweeping views of the Golden Gate and San Francisco marina, Greens Restaurant is the perfect location for a celebratory lunch.

A Dazzling Venue

Since the San Francisco Fall Art and Antiques Show takes place at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center, neighboring Greens Restaurant was an obvious choice for the party’s venue. Deemed one of America’s best restaurants by Zagat, Greens serves up delicious veggie-forward fare and postcard-worthy views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands. In order to give full focus to the views, the restaurant’s interior is minimalist and nature-inspired—the perfect canvas to adorn for a party!

Table setting with blue napkin and white floral centerpieces
Place settings included an artfully printed menu, hand-lettered place card, and rosemary sprig that hints at the fresh eats to come.

Foraged Florals

Florals were created by Chairish’s, Tina Butler, who ventured to the San Francisco Flower Mart at the crack of dawn to select her blooms. Focused on a white palette, she went with a mix of anemones, dahlias, parrot tulips, and white veronica flowers. Each guest’s menu, tucked in a blue pocket-folded napkin, was accented with a sprig of rosemary, plucked straight from Tina’s backyard.

White and green floral arrangements in glass vases serve as centerpieces
The florals continued the lunch’s theme of unfussy and fresh.
Colorful vegetable spring rolls on a white ceramic plate on Chairish
A veggie-filled spring roll provides a light and refreshing way to start off the meal.

Fresh Fall Fare

Given that Greens Restaurant was a trailblazer in the organic department, you’re guaranteed a fresh and healthy meal. Before the feast began, guests were offered their choice of adult beverages including white, red, or rose wine, as well as plenty of champs. For the afternoon’s lunch, the restaurant concocted a vegetarian feast served family style. Starters included thumb-sized spring rolls and a passed salad filled with Green Gulch lettuce, red endive, sliced apples, toasted walnuts, creamy blue cheese, and a yummy cider vinaigrette. Mains included a red Thai curry with pumpkin and cauliflower. And for dessert? A fall fruit galette capped things off. Delicious!

gratin provencal white serving platter at Chairish luncheon
A Gratin Provencal was among the main dishes on offer.
Anna Brockway speaks to guests at San Francisco Chairish luncheon
Anna Brockway announces a surprise gift for each guest located under the table!

A Gift to Tweet About

As our Chairish front woman, Anna Brockway loves a good statement moment (check out that fabulous dress!). So she teamed up with San Francisco-based Birdies, a hot new company that provides stylish flats that feel like slippers. The founders of Birdies graciously provided our guests the most-fitting of all gifts that aligned with the celestial theme. Each female guest was treated to the Birdies’ “Heron in the Sky” Slippers. The gals were thrilled with their new footwear. After all, Birdies are stylish enough to double as home decor when they’re not adorning your feet! Our guy guests received a bottle of Chairish-branded red wine.

Guests mingle at designer luncheon in San Francesco on Chairish
The energy in the room was a palpable 10!
interior designer Dina Bandma opens Chairish gift in custom wrapping paper
Each gift was wrapped in custom Chairish paper, as show by interior designer Dina Bandman.
Interior designer Krista Hoffman and Sacramento Street's Caitlin Fleming unwrap their gifts
Interior designer Krista Hoffman and Sacramento Street’s Caitlin Fleming, get in on the mystery gift fun.
Guests open their surprise gifts at Chairish designer luncheon
Birdie’s Heron in the Sky print was chosen exclusively for the event.
Grant Gibson holds his Chairish bottle of wine at San Francisco design luncheon
Gents, including designed Grant Gibson, were gifted a lovely bottle of Chairish-branded wine.

A Très Chic Crowd

In addition to Birdies co-founders Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey, the luncheon was filled with a mix of interior designers and tastemakers. With Birdies having just recently announced their Ken Fulk collection, the coming together of the two worlds couldn’t have felt more aptly timed. Other notable guests included Chairish Design Insider Grant Gibson and Sacramento Street’s Caitlin Fleming. Scroll down to see who else who joined the fun!

Anna Brockway and Birdies Co-Founder Bianca Gates at design luncheon
Anna Brockway and Birdies Co-Founder Bianca Gates.
Interior designer Grant Gibson and Birdies Co-Founder Marisa Sharkey at design luncheon
Interior designer Grant Gibson and Birdies Co-Founder Marisa Sharkey.
Lonny Managing Editor Angela Tafoya, interior designer Sayre Ziskin, and Birdies co-founder Marisa Sharkey at design luncheon
Lonny Managing Editor Angela Tafoya, interior designer Sayre Ziskin, and Birdies co-founder Marisa Sharkey.
Caitlin Flemming and Kendall Wilkinson at Chairish design luncheon
Caitlin Flemming and Kendall Wilkinson.
DECASO president Kendra Frisbie and California Home and Design's Ali Grosslight at design luncheon
DECASO president Kendra Frisbie and California Home and Design’s Ali Grosslight.
Anna Brockway and designer Palmer Weiss at Chairish design luncheon
Anna Brockway and designer Palmer Weiss.

All photos by Lyola Rowe


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October 24, 2018

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