You don’t get more “Palm Beach” than Palm Beach Regency, a 5,000-square-foot vintage furniture and decor showroom that truly epitomizes the area’s signature style. Owner Korinne Belock describes her business as “the dot on the map where Hollywood Regency flair meets Old Florida charm,” which perfectly summarizes the brand’s chic ethos. Shoppers can find everything from faux bamboo to rattan, Chinese Chippendale, ginger jars, and more, all with a nod to the style of sunny South Florida.

We sat down with Korinne to discuss Palm Beach Regency, how she sources, and which types of pieces she’ll be stocking next. See what she had to say below, and be sure to shop her exquisite finds right here on Chairish.

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Palm Beach Regency
Korinne Belock of Palm Beach Regency. Photo: Nick Mele Photography

Firstly, how did you get so passionate about Hollywood Regency as well as Floridian style?

When my husband, D.J., and I moved to Palm Beach in 2017, I discovered Palm Beach Regency and furnished our rental on the island and then our first home in El Cid in West Palm Beach, primarily with furniture and decor from Palm Beach Regency. We have always been island lovers, traveling extensively around the Caribbean. So, when we landed in Palm Beach, the design aesthetic really resonated with me.

Over the years, I had become friendly with the previous owners of Palm Beach Regency, and in 2020 they asked if I’d be interested in buying the business. It took about two seconds for me to say yes! I was running Urban Simplicity, my home organization business, until COVID made that impossible. It just naturally felt like the right time for a new challenge, for both me and my husband.

Palm Beach Regency
Photo: Stephanie Disney, Blue Hills Round Top

How did your home organizing business prepare you for your career pivot?

I feel like I’ve spent the last 20 years honing my entrepreneurial instincts and personal taste, which prepared me for this. Prior to buying Palm Beach Regency in March of 2021, I spent a decade turning Urban Simplicity into one of the early, premier organizing businesses in the United States with operations in New York City and Palm Beach primarily. Spending thousands of hours in clients’ homes gave me a sense of all sorts of interior design styles, as well as what people want, use, and what they actually need. 

It feels like Regency furniture (and Regency-inspired furniture) is more popular than ever, over these past few years. What do you attribute that to? 

The last few years have been a tumultuous time to say the least and that has been reflected in the design and furniture world. People are longing for something familiar, yet elevated. They want pieces in their homes that will create a sense of joy and spark their interest and creativity. Palm Beach Regency’s signature style is classic, nostalgic, and whimsical, which resonates now more than ever.

Palm Beach Regency
Photo: Erica Dunhill

How do you manage sourcing, when Hollywood Regency pieces are so in demand?

It’s certainly a competitive market out there, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as our signature style is a particular niche in the market. There is high turnover of quality, timeless pieces, so I’m always on the hunt, getting creative, and thinking bigger! 

For instance, this year Palm Beach Regency was a vendor at Blue Hills at Round Top’s two-week October show. We brought our vibe to Texas, and it was a big hit! I was also able to source there and bring unique pieces back to Florida. We’re always open to interesting new opportunities. 

How does the Palm Beach element come into play? Do you find a lot of interest in Hollywood Regency furniture in particular there, or do you tend to ship far across the country?

Palm Beach is certainly having a moment! But it’s more than that. Palm Beach is the epicenter of vintage style. There is an innate love here for old, beautiful, unique things from homes to furniture to fashion. 

For people who love the lifestyle but can’t relocate here, they can create their own Palm Beach moments wherever they live. All our inventory is on our website, so you can shop from wherever 24/7. We ship across the country and internationally. We are very focused on improving PBR’s level of service, so our shipping coordinator works hard to get the best rates and keep in touch with clients throughout the order and shipping process. 

Photo: Stephanie Disney, Blue Hills Round Top

What’s a dream piece you’d love to own yourself?

Oh, the list is endless! Right now, I’m coveting a pair of vintage Murano lamps for my bedside. There is a pair in Round Top that I have my eye on. I’m also plotting a custom shell mirror for the high traffic area at the bottom of our stairs. I’d get to enjoy it every day, so I think it’s going to be worth the wait! 

Are there any styles or trends you’d like to see disappear in the design world right now?  

I’m not into neutral interiors. Give me character! Give me color! Give me whimsy! I want a space filled with one-of-a-kind, collected pieces that evoke another time and place. 

What types of pieces do you see moving these days? What are the patterns in terms of what’s selling right now?

Classic Old Florida rattan pieces from the 40’s and 50’s are becoming harder and harder to find in good condition. So, I’m proud of the selection we’ve managed to pull together in the shop. 

With vintage there is no lead time for production, so we’ve had great success with upholstered pieces like pairs of chairs, sofas, and benches in fun, Palm Beach vintage fabrics. Faux bamboo dressers and nightstands fly right out of the shop. They are the pinnacle of classic Palm Beach. And, of course, we’re known for our whimsical accessories and lamps, so those pieces always move quickly.

Photo: Erica Dunhill

Do you see any upcoming trends in terms of what’s next for the design world? What types of pieces do you hope to stock next?

Our pieces are timeless vintage, so we live a little outside the design trends. But I’d say that the trend is about the mix, which always keeps things feeling fresh. Whether you gravitate to Old Florida rattan or Palm Beach faux bamboo, there is a way to bring all those styles together. There should be a freedom to decorating your home—no rules! I always tell people in the shop, if you love it, you’ll always find a place for it. 

Who are some of your favorite makers or designers, in terms of your own inspirations?

I find inspiration in the mix of island simplicity and Old Florida traditional style, which makes Palm Beach the perfect spot. There’s the whimsy of Kemble Interiors, the beautiful lines of Ellen Kavanaugh’s designs, Charlotte Lucas’ layered and loved traditional spaces, and the breezy island style of Lindroth Designs. I am inspired by a mix of it all! 

Aside from beautiful interior design, I find inspiration in travel, books, and music. Places like Marrakech, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean have all been an influence on me over the last ten years. Books are a close second—beautiful design books, vintage fashion and travel images, and Florida history are some of my favorites. And the music and fashion of the 60’s and 70’s always set the tone for me. Anything from rock to disco, I’m here for it! 

Lead photo: Erica Dunhill


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February 1, 2023

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