Poll virtually anyone on their most dreaded household chores, and they’re likely to nominate the laundry. One way to make all of that sorting, loading, and folding infinitely easier? A beautiful and functional laundry room. Although laundry rooms are a relatively new invention, they’ve quickly become an in-home must-have, and they’re renowned for adding value to a home. Decorating a laundry room can be tricky, however. Especially if your laundry room is small, windowless, or needs to work double-duty as a mudroom or pet area. Thankfully, designers are awash with good ideas when it comes to making laundry rooms better. Here, we reveal ten gorgeous laundry rooms loaded with bright ideas. And for more tips on pulling together a truly primo laundry room, check out this guide from the experts at

Design by Bennett Lerner Interiors / Photo by Erika Bierman Photography

All Over Blue

While you wouldn’t dream of mixing new blue jeans with whites in the wash, the combo is kismet when it comes to the laundry room. Blue and white feel fresh and classically chic, making it a dynamic choice for a room that caters to life’s less-than-pleasurable endeavors. If you’re aiming for a room that feels more glamorous than utilitarian, choose a blue that skews a bit more fluorescent. Lisa Lerner of Bennett Lerner Interiors selected a high-wattage cerulean for this practical laundry room. Brass accents heighten the aura of luxury. 

Design by Dresner Design / Photo by Jim Tschetter

Ready to Tumble

Even the most pragmatic laundry rooms can be elevated with color. This functional laundry room designed by the firm Dresner Design gets a boost of personality, courtesy of rich, red lacquer cabinets. Unquestionably, the cabinets’ high-gloss sheen makes them feel more luxurious. Their sports car red colors also makes them feel reminiscent of exactly that—sleek automotives. A stainless steel countertop and concrete floor finish off the functional-yet-stylish room.   

Design by Michael G. Imber / Photo by Tria Giovan

Newly Minted

The industrial appearance of most washers and dryers makes modern styles a shoo-in for the laundry room. However, don’t let that hinder you if you harbor notions of a bucolic-inspired laundry room. Rustic mint green cabinetry and flagstone tile make this laundry room designed by Michael G. Imber feel like a dreamy escape. A white porcelain farm sink, similar in shape to the room’s washer and dryer, creates a thematic and visual bridge between the Old World and New World elements. 

Design by Jasmin Reese Interiors / Photo by Michael Alan Kaskel

Let’s Call Chartreuse

It’s not often we’d call a laundry room irresistible, but this one cued by designer Jasmin Reese, most definitely is. Suited in floor-to-ceiling chartreuse and peppered with pattern, it’d be virtually impossible not to have fun in this laundry room. Let this room serve as a reminder that an exuberant setting can elevate even the most mundane tasks. In addition, sometimes the unorthodox (in this case, a neon plug-in sign) can sometimes feel perfectly right-on. 

Design by Creative Tonic Design by Courtnay Tartt Elias / Photo by Julie Soefer

Fresh Powder

One laundry room theme that should never be hung out to dry? Dressing it in airy and fresh-feeling hues like mint and blue. Creative Tonic Design did just that in this large laundry room, and it feels as alluring as can be. This space also serves as a reminder to consider factoring in those didn’t-have-to-but-they-make-all-the-difference details. A pet water bowl faucet and bench area help to transform this space into one that feels worthy of spending time in even after that last towel has been folded. 

Design by Dina Bandman Interiors / Photo by Christopher Stark

Chinoiserie, Please

In truth, there may be no better room in the house to take a stylistic risk than the laundry room. For those who feel tempted, use this rebelliously chic laundry room teed up by designer Dina Bandman as inspiration. While a Chinoiserie-inspired wall mural may seem like a piece best reserved for a dining room, Dina illustrates how one can wholly energize a laundry room. Don’t stop there, either. A patterned floor ups the drama even more and makes this space feel like a dream-like escape.

Design by Kim Armstrong Interiors / Photo by Michael Hunter

Brights & Whites

If going with spick-and-span palette in a room that caters to cleaning up life’s messes makes you nervous, consider integrating some camouflaging elements. Terracotta tile floors, such as the ones the firm Kim Armstrong Interiors installed in the room above, are one such tool. They’re ingenious at hiding dirt and grime and prevent the need for making the laundry room part of your usual cleaning circuit. Dark cabinetry, in this case, navy blue, can serve a similar purpose.

Photo courtesy of Amy Morris

Go with the Grain

While the going trend is to make the laundry room playful, sometimes a polished and sophisticated space is more in tune with a home’s aura. Designer Amy Morris created just such a room by installing dramatically grained dark wood cabinets, slate countertops, and wood floors. The resulting laundry room feels spa-like in its simplicity. It also makes the concept of taking a load off while you load the washing machine sound perfectly plausible.

Design by Tim Barber / Photo by Laura Hull

Rustic Meets Refined

Farmhouse-style laundry rooms are eternally popular. However, if you’re considering one, liberate yourself from the reclaimed wood signs and clothespin decor, and instead cull inspiration from rooms like this one, teed up by designer Tim Barber. A farmhouse sink, penny tile-style floor, and a Dutch door make this room feel farmhouse-inspired, but also sophisticated. Speaking of penny tile, this room highlights poignant inspiration for the laundry room: the bathroom. If you’re determined to create a refined laundry room, but not sure where to start, try sourcing images of bathrooms you love for color combo and material inspiration. 

Design by Wesley-Wayne Interiors / Photo by Stephen Karlisch

Pooch Perfect

Pets often co-op laundry rooms. If that’s the case in your home, consider going custom to accommodate them. The firm Wesley-Wayne Interiors installed custom dog kennels in the room above, utilizing under-the-counter-space that would have inevitably collected clutter. With the kennels installed, that precious square footage is reimagined as functional space to house the home’s most precious cargo—the pups!

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Lead photo design by Dina Bandman / Photo by Christopher Stark


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March 18, 2022

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