We love L-shaped desks for their ample workspace, but not the headache that comes with trying to figure out how to measure one. (TBH, there’s no single standard format that every company uses, but you can expect them all to follow the basic rules below.)

1. Envision yourself sitting behind the desk

  • Left and right perspectives are from the user’s viewpoint of sitting behind the workstation (think: you’re on the inside of the elbow).

2. Take note of lengths

  • Lengths are measured from corner to corner, meaning that when you see a left and a right length, they will meet at the same outer point. While it may feel like that would result in overlapping, it’s ok! We’re not calculating surface area here. (Cue flashbacks to elementary school math class).

3. Consider the depth

  • Some companies might refer to the left edge as the depth, in which case you have to use your better judgment to determine if they mean the left edge or the actual depth of the working surface, but it’s usually quite clear.

4. Hold out for a diagram!

  • If you’re lucky, you’ll find a labeled photo with all the measurements written on to take out all the guesswork. 

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Lead photo by Kelsey Ann Rose.


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July 10, 2015

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