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Let’s face it. Corners often go unnoticed and unloved, so why not make the most of them and add a corner desk? These desks are perfect for smaller rooms where floor space is a bit more of a commodity. And a corner desk isn’t really just a corner desk. They can conveniently double as a vanity or a console, so when you’re not working away, you can use it as a display table for all of your favorite finds. As for storage, finding a corner desk with a hutch will allow you to build up your vertical space, and really maximize the amount of shelving you have. On the other hand, some corner desks may have little to no storage space at all. These pieces work great in spaces where you want to be a little more low key about your home office, and if you’re not planning on doing an extensive amount of work there. If floor space isn’t a big issue, then an L-shaped desk provide a huge working space, as well as plenty of organizational appeal. At the same time, L-shaped desks still maintain the admirable space-efficient qualities of corner desks when tucked perfectly against the walls. A corner desk is also a good option as a children’s desk, since they won’t require as much room to do their work. Some people might not like the idea of working while facing into a corner or right at a wall, so give them something to look at with some beautiful wall art!