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My influencer, namesake, mentor, and Renaissance woman, Valeria Deaver, was born in 1917. Always a visionary, yet a constant seeker of knowledge and collector of experiences from the past, she had a way of imparting her special eye for beauty and the value in people as well as objects to those around her. With Rumpelstiltskin magic, one of her many talents included taking what was once a cast-off and turning it into gold for a new custodian. This included the toy hospital she curated for orphan objects. Aptly named in her honor, my Chairish style is a culmination of her imprint blended with my own personality as individualist and futurist in design. All things that evoke a visceral response of joy and emotion, right here, yours for the taking. Enjoy!
Val's Dollhouse is a subset of Forget-Me-Not Furnishings, LLC.