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    Dyed in the Wool, over time, became a figurative expression to describe a person who is loyal, authentic and steadfast through and through.
    The literal expression of “dyed in the wool” means the fiber or yarns are dyed prior to weaving as opposed to “piece dying” which happens after the fabric is woven. Dying the fiber or yarn prior to weaving allows the color to be more thorough and colorfast.

    Thus, we chose this charming textile expression for our soft furnishings company. We have been collecting and selling home furnishings for decades and are thrilled to offer our unique finds to a broad market at excellent values.

    Our company Royal Coat of Arms incorporates symbols of the 4 primary natural fibers used in traditional textiles:
    • Flax bundle for linen
    • Bombyx Mori moth for silk
    • Sheep for wool
    • Cotton boll for cotton