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KLASP HOME offers luxury fine Italian leathers and hair-on hide to the trade. We also offer luxury bespoke home furnishings; including mirrors, benches, ottomans and pillows. All pieces are handmade by highly skilled craftsman and available in any of our broad selection of Italian leathers and cowhide hair
All of our leathers are from Italy. We partnered with a tannery with a strong focus on quality, sustainability and service, so we can off our clients consistent high quality European hides, integrated inventory and unique design all with very competitive prices.
Our collection of hair on hides is of the highest quality from the Normandy region of France and naturally raised in a free roaming field. The hair of these cows is very special and has a beautiful and unique sheen and softness that is not normally found in your average cowhide. Our hides do not present defects such as small and uneven shapes, inconsistent hair length or scars. They are available in more than 100+ standard colors, stencils, laser cuts, acid wash effects and embossed designs.