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    Found Collectibles is a NYC based, furniture business specialized in mid-century modern Brazilian furniture.

    We’re obsessed with mid-century Brazilian for three reasons: Its scarce, as it happened during a brief period between 1940-1970’s, at a small scale. 2. Is made of the highest quality with precious woods unavailable for use today and made by the best artisans of the time, 3. Is beautifully designed by world renowned modernists like Joaquim Tenreiro, Jorge Zalszupin & Sergio Rodrigues who established a Brazilian Modernist aesthetic nowhere else found. We only work with pieces with a clear provenance and attribution by choosing them from private collections or renowned galleries in Brazil where we can trace the origin. In many cases, our specialists “open” the pieces to verify the original techniques.

    Our priority is to restore pieces to their original state with a contemporary touch, as we believe our pieces are timeless. For that, we work with the best artisans in Brazil, which most of them worked with known designers like Sergio Rodrigues and Abraham Palatinik for years.

    By doing this, not only we ensure the integrity of the piece, but we give work to a group of artisans that normally wouldn’t have a job because of their age. Rodrigo Salem, the founder, and avid collector for more than 20 years, started the company in April 2022. After 20 years working in the private sector, he decided to dedicate full time to what has been his passion.