Eliza Gatfield


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Trained in architecture, fine arts, and textile design (B.F.A and B.Arch, Rhode Island School of Design. P.G. Textiles, Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London), Eliza has worked extensively within each of these design fields. As an entrepreneur and freelance designer, Eliza has developed an extensive portfolio of product designs, textile designs, interior projects, and graphic and digital design work. Eliza’s varied talents have allowed her to express her eclectic and bold style through a variety of formats and mediums.

In 2010 Eliza founded Custom Cool Rugs, a company specializing in creating bespoke rugs for the luxury Interior Design market. As the company grew she created a wide-ranging line of mass-produced, customizable products for the home decor market. With a keen sense for trends, Eliza has perfected an innovative program for rug and product customization that addresses a growing demand by consumers for made-to-order products - an issue that leading home goods manufacturers are only now endeavoring to accommodate. In addition to founding her own company, Eliza has worked with several Interior Designers to create co-branded lines of products, from rug programs to bedding and tabletop collections.

At the core of the exquisite and Beautiful textiles products & systems, Eliza has created are sustainable manufacturing processes. Note the capitalization of the word 'Beautiful'. The Beauty Eliza makes is not simply the kind you see on the surface of things but is something far more deep and abiding. In a world over-saturated with consumer goods that are bright and shiny and lovely to look at Eliza’s products offer the integrity of quality and manufacturing practices - something increasingly sought after by consumers. Keenly aware that the blood, sweat, and tears of exploited labor make even the most well-designed product innately abhorrent Eliza has formulated innovative systems that marry stylish design, mass production capabilities, and fair trade manufacturing processes together. The result of this is products that are sustainably made, economically compelling, and most significantly - Beautiful - in the truest sense of the word.