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    Alexandra Swistak is a Canadian fine artist. She received her BA and BEd from the University of Victoria. Further studies include watercolor and ceramics in Japan and oil painting in France.

    Alexandra Swistak is a painter immersed in intriguing symbolic environments. Her vulnerable figures seek adventure while wandering between real and imagined places. Subjects emerge mysterious and ambiguous from an atmospheric world we no longer recoqnize. There is a fleeting sense of danger that hovers in and out of our peripheral vision as figures quietly trail off to unknown experiences. This is carefully constructed visual storytelling that is powerful and emotionally affecting. Ultimately, it reveals a deep understanding of the human condition and societal issues that have epic consequences to our future and existence.

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    Alexandra is a full-time painter and actively exhibits her paintings while accepting many international commissions. She paints small works in gouache and large scale paintings on wood panel or canvas.