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If modern elegance in high end French furniture design is what floats your barge then Roche Bobois is for you! Since the 1960s, Roche Bobois has collaborated with designers and architects to create striking and useful furniture that embody the simple concept of “design for living”. Of course Chairish recommends buying Roche Bobois furniture used and vintage as it never looses its cool and saves you money. There are several delicious Roche Bobois bons bons on our site right now, from modern leather sofas to deco inspired coffee tables. Vive la difference!


Luxury and timelessness are two words that instantly come to mind when thinking about vintage Roche Bobois furniture. Like fellow French maker, Ligne Roset, Roche Bobois is responsible for crafting stylish and chic pieces with a definite edge. When you want to improve your home with top-end designer furniture pieces, Roche Bobois furniture may be the answer to your decorating dreams.


Roche Bobois is a furniture design and distribution Leader that works with famous designers worldwide, from Ora Ito to Christophe Delcourt, from Stephen Burks to Cédric Ragot and a wide range of haute couture houses, from Christian Lacroix to Jean Paul Gautier.

The house provides exclusive made-to-order designs, manufactured and customized in small European workshops. With little over 250 showrooms around the world today, Roche Bobois is synonymous with luxury and high customization of furniture pieces.


The company was started by two families working in the furniture business. In 1960, the two Roche brothers, Nicholas and Francois met another set of brothers, Jean-Claude and Patrick Chouchan, at a trade fair in Copenhagen. Each of the families owned a shop in Paris and distributed luxury contemporary furniture from top-end designers. The Chouchans sold furniture on a street in Paris known as Au Beau Bois. They decided to design a catalog and join forces in launching a national franchise. One year later, with the success of the first Roche Bobois Elle Magazine advertising success, the brand was fully established.

Deciding to design its own ranges and bring famous designers on board was a game-changing move for the company. The first reputable designer to create a collection for Roche Bobois was Pierre Paulin, who put together a unique office and bedroom range. Paulin’s work has graced President Francois Mitterand’s office in the 1970’s and the iconic Orange Slice Chair was selected as one of the 100 furniture masterpieces to be shown by the Vitra Museum. In 1967, designer Marc Berthier introduces the Roche Bobois brand to its first plastic collection. Plastic still remains one of the maker’s materials of choice today. That unique collection featured the show-stopping Ozoo desk that is still considered one of the iconic vintage Roche Bobois furniture pieces.

In the 1970’s, with a growing popularity for sofas resurging throughout European middle-class buyers, the Roche Bobois “Les Contemporains” collection provides the iconic brand sofa piece. Two subsequent collections in the ‘80s and ‘90s met with worldwide success: Les Provinciales, that revamped and relaunched the gracious lines of French style furniture and Les Voyages, that embraced a more global trend for ethnic influences in furnishing.


Everything in the vintage Roche-Bobois furniture style is exclusive. The brand’s collections’ concept is that of a complete environment, in which furniture, together with accessories all work together to create a specific atmosphere. It is a way of life that doesn’t seem tributary to consumer trends, while remaining classy, timeless and versatile.

Roche Bobois works with small workshops to ensure that customers receive the exact furniture they desire. Only the most highly skilled craftsmen are used in the manufacture process. They offer many ready-made designs, but also provide exclusive customized orders for premium pieces.

These high-quality lines are coveted for their impeccable attention to detail. Because they are committed to values such as unique personality, quality and sustainability, new or used Roche Bobois furniture will last for many years.

The Roche Bobois brand immediately guarantees that the furniture is of top quality. They simply don’t allow poorly constructed furniture to leave their workshops. When you find used Roche Bobois furniture that you like you’ll want to buy it quickly because it’s always in high demand.


The Roche Bobois furniture designs are modern, yet timeless, luxurious, yet functional. A strong sense of pared-down elegance is tastefully carried out with each and every piece.

Used Roche Bobois furniture collections include a wide range of items, from armchairs and sofas to cocktail tables, sideboards, armchairs, dining chairs, beds, wardrobes and storage pieces. They also offer accessories that range from lighting to rugs, and more. The company still sells new furniture. However, if you’re looking for a quality piece of used Roche Bobois furniture you will certainly get a lot for your money.

The many styles that have been offered throughout the years mean that you’ll be able to find a piece of vintage Roche Bobois furniture that meets your standards and fits into the décor of your home. From traditional, to French, to mid-century modern, there are items in the Roche Bobois collections that can be easily added to any room of your home. It is also interesting to note that clients have often placed special orders for their furniture. You may run into unique, one of a kind vintage Roche Bobois furniture pieces.


Vintage Roche Bobois furniture is made with various materials including wood, textiles, leather and microfiber. These materials should be properly maintained in order to preserve their luxurious appearance. If you find an older piece of Roche Bobois furniture it may need to be repaired or restored. It’s best to have a professional examine your piece and make a recommendation for cleaning and restoration.

Because a number of different materials may have been incorporated into a piece of vintage Roche Bobois furniture it is best to use the correct products on it. Used Roche Bobois furniture is valuable, and making any changes to it can impact its value. If the piece has damage it can often be repaired or restored to its original condition as long as it is not further harmed. When you purchase a vintage piece through a reputable company you can be certain that it is in excellent condition and is functioning properly. It will be ready to place in any area of your home.