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You gotta love a good rags to riches story. Dixie furniture was founded by Abe Kirshtein, who moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1920. He began peddling soft goods before opening a small furniture store in 1946. Abe Kirshtein and his wife Edith, along with their three sons, worked hard to expand the business and make Dixie furniture company the success story it is today. Snaps for the hard work and toil. Today, experts say (and we agree!), that the iconic designs of Dixie furniture are timeless. Dixie brand furniture designs are perfect for someone who isn’t afraid to showcase their personality in their living space. A writing desk or a campaign chest from Dixie furniture will add more than a dash of charm and panache to your living room. It's a perfect accent piece that can be turned into a bar with a twist at a moment's notice. This writing desk or chest is an absolutely delicious addition to your space. If you want to go the whole way, indulge and get the full Dixie furniture bedroom set—Dixie nightstands, headboards, vanity—they have it all. You deserve to indulge yourself and make your bedroom a space fit for royalty. Want to start with something small? We hear you! Treat yourself to a vintage Dixie teak bar serving cart and watch your friends gasp in surprise when you have them over for drinks. Totally worth it, wouldn’t you agree? If Dixie furniture is totes your style but want something that is a touch more functional, check out Jens Risom on Chairish.