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Exquisite Kilim Rugs, a Time-Honored Tradition

Maybe you're a collector, perhaps this is the first time you've read the words kilim rugs. Or, most likely, you're somewhere in between the two extremes. Some quick facts on the kilim — by no means a true history lesson, which could never do justice to this gorgeous ancient rug and the technique that produces it: A kilim is a flat, tapestry-woven rug that hails from the Balkans, Iran, Turkey, and other Turkic countries. They can be decorative rugs, certainly, but they can also be functional prayer rugs. The kilim is ancient and produced with a tight interweaving technique that those in the western world are increasingly interested in showcasing in their homes as an integral part of the decor.

A Turkish Twist on Rugs

Color stories vary just as the origination points and time periods do for our selection of second-hand kilim rugs and antique kilim rugs. Our collection of kilim rugs for sale spans pieces from vintage handwoven Turkish rugs to definitively modern kilims to veritable antiques.

Questions & Answers

How much do kilim rugs cost?
Kilim rugs range in price from $50 to $49,000
Do you carry Red kilim rugs
We have kilim rugs in popular colors including Red, Tan, and Brown.
Does Chairish have kilim rugs on sale?
Yes! We have 3,400+ kilim rugs on sale.
How many vintage kilim rugs does Chairish have in stock?
We have 13,000+ vintage kilim rugs in stock.