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Apothecary Cabinets

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It’s literally been decades and we still haven’t been able to get Rachel and Phoebe’s apothecary table from F.R.I.E.N.D.S out of our heads!

We are not alone, and we know why: There’s just something magical about the old-world charm that an antique apothecary cabinet possesses, isn’t there? It must be the promise of something special hidden away in its many drawers.

An apothecary cabinet is also both attractive and exotic.

Whatever the reason might be, the appeal of an apothecary cabinet cannot be denied.

What’s an Apothecary Cabinet?

Traditionally, an apothecary was a person who prepared and sold medicines. This predecessor to the modern-day pharmacist is steeped in folklore, hence, the fascination surrounding it.

Apothecary cabinets were used by both pharmacists and physicians in the 1800s to store their elixirs, herbs and medications. Some even had secret compartments that were used to store more elusive herbs and medications — even poisons.

Apothecary Cabinets at Chairish

If you are looking for something above and beyond a dresser, congrats! You’ve found it.

We have a ton of items in a wide range of different price points, colors and sizes. Use our filter function to find exactly what you’re looking for or browse our entire available inventory for ideas.

Whether it’s a Mid-Century Modern piece or a primitive Early American apothecary cabinet with an undeniably mysterious history, you’ll find it here in our curated inventory.

How Do I Use an Apothecary Cabinet?

An apothecary cabinet is an ace accent piece that also has oodles of storage, making it a highly utilitarian piece with a ton of character.

Some ways to utilize these cabinets are:

Storing hats and scarves in an entryway

Stashing medicines and makeup in a bathroom

Organizing socks and ties in a dressing room

Hiding away stationery, pens, paper and what-nots in an office

As you can see, an antique apothecary cabinet can be effectively used in every room of the house!

For those who have more tchotchkes than they would like to admit (ahem — guilty!), an antique apothecary cabinet is just what the doctor ordered.

It’s bold, quirky and has a touch of design magic; it’s an antidote to boring interiors!

If an apothecary table is not what’s on your mind, check out the variety of vintage Dressers here at Chairish.

Questions & Answers

How many vintage apothecary cabinets does Chairish have in stock?
We have 230+ vintage apothecary cabinets in stock.
Can I get free shipping on apothecary cabinets from Chairish?
Yes! Select apothecary cabinets ship for free from Chairish.
Does Chairish have apothecary cabinets on sale?
Yes! We have 40+ apothecary cabinets on sale.
Which brand has the largest assortment of apothecary cabinets at Chairish?
Asian Style is our most popular apothecary cabinet brand, with less than 10 items in stock.
Do you carry brown apothecary cabinets?
We have apothecary cabinets in popular colors including brown, black, and red.