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Wingback Chairs

Do you love furniture with history? Us too! Wingback Chairs were invented in the 17th Century to be fireside chairs—i.e. to protect the back and side of the user of the chair from a cold draft. Brrr! At the time the chairs were wooden and cushion on the seat was added on later. Wingback chairs really came into their own around mid 17th Century in colonial homes. The plush of the wingback chair became synonymous with comfort and colonial flair. Today, Wingback Chairs are ace accent pieces and oh-so-comfy thanks to their tufted bodies. Do you stare with longing at wingback chairs for sale ads? If you have been looking for a sign, this is it! Once you go wingback, you don’t go back. Want proof? Bring one home and watch your guests (and you!) fight for whose turn it is to sit in the chair. A great addition to existing furniture, the wingback armchair is in a class of its own. If you have a busy room (read prints and patterns), buy wingback chairs in solid colors for a beautiful contrast. If you have a minimalist approach and mostly solid hues, add a patterned wingback chair as an accent. Whether used in pairs or as a lone wolf, a wingback chair shines either way. Wingbacks are gorgeous, sturdy, always fashionable—what’s not to love? If you are looking for a chair that makes is a tad bit more dainty, check out Floral Accent chairs on Chairish.