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Art Deco Table Lamps

If you look for rich detail, bold geometry and stunningly decadent colors in your table lamp, Art Deco Table lamps are the yin to your yang. These table lamps make a statement and boy, do they! They are the stars of every show, even when all they do is sit quietly in a corner, and we are big fans. An art deco lamp can light up (quite literally too!) any corner of your home, while also acting as an accent piece. If you only have the place for a lamp or a design element, no worries. An art deco lamp can function as both. Vintage art deco lamps come in tons of styles, so there is a variety to choose from. Ceramic art deco lamps are gorgeous additions to a room that is channeling an airy, breezy vibe. We are thinking white gauzy curtains, high ceilings and light colors. Brass art deco lamps (we love a Stiffel lamp in any room!) are perfect for the more opulent vibe. Think bold velvet drapes, upholstered furniture and ornate picture frames. While both styles are very different from each other, both styles are absolutely delicious. You just need to find the right art deco lamp to go with your style. Table lamps add so much character to a room and are a major design element that shouldn’t be overlooked. Love the idea of Art Deco Table Lamps and are looking for the perfect shade? Check out Art Deco Table Lamp Shades here on Chairish.