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Sam Moore Seating

Vintage Sam Moore Chairs Designed to Wow

Sam Moore Furniture has long been heralded by designers and in-the-know homeowners alike for its quality and style... not to mention, its affordability. The brand is also highly versatile. In our category, vintage Sam Moore chairs are especially popular. From colorful custom pieces that have been reupholstered with designer-specified fabrics to French Louis XV occasional chairs, ebonized wood armchairs, mahogany army chairs, and Sam Moore velvet seating solutions, you’ll find a category’s worth of chairs that defy any easy characterization. Not only are the decor styles varied, with 1990s vintage chairs finding their places alongside 1980s chaises and armchairs inspired by good modernist design. Browse our virtual aisles, stocked to the brim with Sam Moore leather sofa options, among other chairs, loveseats, and seating solutions, and you’ll likely discover a brand that has stood the test of time for the better part of four decades – and one that decorators and designers have long kept a trade secret.