Cast Iron Patio and Garden Furniture

Gently Used and Vintage Cast Iron Patio and Garden Furniture


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Cast Iron Patio and Garden Furniture

Get everlasting strength and rustic style when you choose from this selection of vintage cast iron patio furniture. Cast iron is one of the choices for patio furniture thanks to its hefty weight that keeps it firmly in place throughout all kinds of weather conditions. With its reputation for being wildly sturdy and capable of standing the test of time over the course of numerous decades, you might think that antique cast iron patio furniture is purely practical and nothing more. But this collection proves that cast iron can be just as stunningly stylish as any other material, making it a versatile feature across a number of design eras.

Wrought Iron vs. Cast Iron

While wrought iron patio furniture often looks similar to that of cast iron, you’ll find that the two have a few key differences. Cast iron outdoor chairs and tables are made from melted metal in molds, while wrought iron is heated and bent. Although both look beautiful and feature excellent durability, this means cast iron furniture can feature a much higher level of detail.

Vintage Cast Iron Patio Set Styles

Pick your favorite design style and it’s possible that you’ll find the perfect cast iron chairs and tables to match. From the simple silhouettes and brass accents of Mid-Century Modern cast iron chairs to Victorian vintage cast iron bistro sets featuring delicately detailed cast iron legs, this material with superior strength has quite the range.