Wrought Iron Patio and Garden Furniture

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Wrought Iron Patio and Garden Furniture


Craving a not-so-average veranda? A patio that feels alfresco perfecto? Insert a wrought iron patio set. The grand dame of outdoor furniture, wrought iron patio sets are coveted for their craftsmanship and classic appeal.

Wrought iron is iron that has been heated and hand-hammered into shape. Compared to other metals, iron is magnificently malleable. It can assume incredibly versatile shapes, ranging from sinuous scrolls to next-level latticework. For anyone seeking the antithesis of big, blocky, modular patio furniture, old iron patio furniture is an optimal option.

Vintage wrought iron lawn furniture is also remarkably durable, which accounts for its use in items designed to be indestructible such as warships, railways, and horseshoes. Unlike aluminum or wicker, wrought iron is generally accepted to be weather-resistant. So long as its surface remains unpenetrated, wrought iron will not flake and it will not rust.

Wrought iron is also incredibly weighty, ensuring that airborne events—such as the iconic tornado in The Wizard of Oz that set a knitting octogenarian and her front porch rocker aloft—are strictly out of the question. As any owner of flimsy plastic outdoor furniture knows, wrought iron patio furnitures’ heft not only makes it a splurge-worthy asset in hurricane country, but in any region known to experience a moderate breeze on occasion. Because in reality, angling your patio furniture out of your neighbor’s pool is not always the best look.

Those looking to extend the life of their old iron patio furniture should keep an eye out for any chips or scratches that might develop. Knicks can lead to rust, so it’s best to doctor any blemishes right away by lightly sanding them and applying a bit of paint to seal them from the elements. As far as cleaning goes, antique wrought iron garden furniture is fairly low maintenance. Wrought iron chairs and tables can be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in a mild dishwashing detergent diluted in water. As a final step, some iron enthusiasts swear by an automotive spray wax, which they say helps repel water. Whether or not you spring for the wax, it’s worth noting that most wrought iron patio sets are finished with a powder coat to battle corrosion.

Compared to other outdoor materials, wrought iron packs more pros than cons, but it’s worth noting that come summertime, wrought iron patio chairs are liable to turn into literal hot seats. Thankfully, the issue is easy enough to remedy with the addition of a few cushions. Most vintage wrought iron patio furniture sets are sold without cushions, so it’s worthwhile to plan on allotting a bit of spend to outfitting your new seats in something plush. For Mid-Century Modern wrought iron patio furniture, cushions in bright, solid colors are a safe bet, but for more old-fashioned sets there’s something perfectly on-point about colored cushions with bright white piping. Either way you go, consider a Sunbrella fabric that is UV resistant and will prevent the need for pulling your cushions inside every evening.



Cool, irreverent shapes, and a deft blend of Modernist and 19th Century-style details were New York-based wrought iron furniture maker, Salterini’s, calling card. Founded by Italian immigrant, John B. Salterini, Salterini wrought iron patio furniture is magnificently fun. From tiered lily pad side tables to the brand’s iconic clamshell chair designed by Italian architect/designer Maurizio Tempestini, Salterini patio furniture is go-to for the outdoor aesthete. In fact, Salterini was so convinced of his furniture’s crossover appeal that the brand famously ran an ad post-WWII encouraging newlyweds to make a Salterini patio table their everyday indoor dining table.

Russell Woodard

Those looking to entertain en plein air would be remiss to not consider the shapely wrought iron designs of American designer Russell Woodard. Although the Russell Woordard brand may be best known for their spun fiberglass patio sets that resemble a particularly magnificent cat’s cradle, it’s the brand’s recently reissued wrought iron Sculptra chair that truly enchants. Constructed of wire mesh, Sculptra chairs are designed to cradle to contours of the human form. The result is a stunningly sculptural style seat that resembles an undulating wave.


Meadowcraft may not have the vintage cache of brands like Salterini and Russell Woodward, but what it lacks in a cult following it more than makes up for with its sheer iron will. The nation’s leader in wrought iron furniture production, Meadowcraft is headquartered in Alabama and can trace its origins back to the early 20th Century when it produced the majority of iron gates in the Birmingham area. Vintage wrought iron Meadowcraft furniture is among the most expertly crafted on the market. From latticework to vine-work, the brand ranks among the best cost-conscious alternatives to Salterini.