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Japanese Decorative Plates

Japanese pottery goes back centuries, making it one of the country’s oldest art forms. Our curated selection of vintage and antique Japanese plates reflects this variety, along with the evolution of techniques and styles over the centuries.

About Japanese Decorative Plates

No single appearance characterizes antique Japanese plates. You’ll come across detailed, hand-painted styles, as well as solid-color pieces that appear to be made of earthenware. Time and technique all play a role. Based on when and where the piece was constructed, plates reflect pottery or stoneware techniques, may be glazed or have a more matte appearance, or feature a multicolored or blue-and-white scene. At the same time, plates and other Japanese tableware reflect tea ceremony and wabi-sabi traditions and aesthetics. Chinese and Korean influences shape later eras. Beyond antiques, modern admiration and subsequent production have revived techniques dating from the 16th century onward.

Let’s Explore

Chairish started out of a desire to break free from the sameness of modern furniture and décor. As you can see from our selection of modern and antique Japanese plates, we look to the past, both in admiration and influence. Our adventures in style take us across the globe and geographic regions and connect those in the present with past styles. This not only pushes the boundaries of experimentation and character but, for sustainability, keeps these older pieces in circulation.