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Ahhhh, the tyranny of choice. Chairish has so much great vintage and used furniture and decor, it can be a bit overwhelming. But our Chairish curators have got you covered. Below you’ll find some of their latest favorites, on lists that are always being updated. Just remember, we have such a vast collection of vintage furniture and decor throughout our site, beyond what you see here. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to check back here often!


Yes, there will be those who call it indecisive, but when it’s done right, let us pose it this way: Is there anything more awe-inspiring than an eclectic interior? Rather than indecisive, we believe eclectic spaces showcase nothing but enviable design confidence.

Still, opting for an eclectic interior requires a healthy dose of consideration, editing, and sometimes (don’t loose us, here!) all out re-dos. Thankfully, our curators' picks collection takes all of that legwork and cuts it in half. Handpicked by our (very stylish) staff, our curators' picks consist of the coolest merchandise to enter the Chairish realm. From sofas to lighting to artwork; it’s all in one place!

If you’ve ever browsed our curators' picks and thought—I could see styling a whole room using these just pieces! You’re right. In fact, the outline our staff uses for building the curators' picks collection is remarkably similar to the one used to curate an eclectic interior. Interested in learning their go-to tips? Read on below.


So let’s get the bad news out of the way first: counterintuitive as it may seem, eclectic interiors have disclaimers. And as much as we’d like to say, go ahead and mix a floral Louis XVI settee with a postmodern plastic molar chair, the reality is that not every style is going to play fair with the other.

To make things easier, we recommend sticking to a palette of like-minded styles. What’s a like-minded palette? Well, they’re infinite, but to give you an example, our curators' picks collection leans towards the following style formula: Mid-Century Modern + Boho Chic + Hollywood Regency. What works about this combo is that all three styles share several commonalities: bold color, simple form, and a penchant for bling-y metallics. Regardless of the styles you choose, make sure all of them have these basics (colors, forms, and metals) in common.


While some design gurus urge eclectic-lovers to settle on a refined color palette of two or three colors (like black, blue, and white), we think that a well-edited style direction (see above) lends itself to a bit more freedom. Still, if no-rules eclectic decorating seems a little like throwing a cat in the pool and expecting it to swim, try limiting yourself to a collected color scheme.

Need an example? For the Mid-Century + Boho + Regency look, try a palette such as cognac-colored leather, indigo velvet, bright white, peony pink, and illustrious brass. Factoring in other colors and materials is of course okay (even advisable!), but for the most success, try to keep the big portions of a room limited to your inspo-palette.


When it comes to furniture for an eclectic space, we recommend steering away from patterns that aren’t “neutrals” (by which we mean almost anything that isn’t leopard or a bold stripe). While there are definite exceptions (kilims and mud cloth come to mind!), sticking with solid upholstered pieces will significantly reduce other pain points (like choosing a rug) when decorating an eclectic space.

Likewise, when looking for upholstered furniture, spring for those pieces that have been recently reupholstered. Why? Well, typically if someone went through the trouble of reupholstering a piece it’s because it has killer bones (read: designer). And not to go into all the reasons why designer furniture is fabulous, but it is often synonymous with classic—which we consider synonymous with easy to style eclectically.


You know that old adage: after you’ve piled on your baubles, look in the mirror and take one off? Stuffy; we know! Yet, it does highlight a good point when it comes to eclectic interiors: you can’t make everything a statement piece. Of course you should completely opt for that citron-colored Adrian Pearsall Gondola sofa if you feel it in your soul, but try pairing it with a simple white campaign chest or white lacquer Parsons shelf to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the mix. Figure it this way: too many statement pieces in one room is like three theme songs playing at once (yikes).


If you study our curators' picks you’re likely to see an abundance of abstracts. While we have nothing against landscapes or photography, abstracts are like denim—as in, they just make everything look good. Use them much like you would fresh flowers: to reinforce your color palette and open up new color possibilities.


Unlike any other design style, eclecticism lends itself to an element of the unexpected. Shop our curators' picks for unusual found objects like roller skates, rusted car panels, old gas station signs, and even bamboo bicycles. Use these pieces in vignettes or as wall décor to curate a look that feels definitively one-of-a-kind.