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An antique Chinese coffee table is a spectacular way to infuse a room with history, elegance, and richness. A good Chinese coffee table is sure to inspire compliments and spark conversation. The contemporary Chinese “coffee table” actually emerged out of what the Chinese called the Kang table. Originating from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), the Kang table is long and rectangular, with short legs, sometimes made to look like a paw or claw. They were originally placed on a kang, a raised three-walled platform, for sleeping or relaxing. However, when tea and coffee tables became a Western household item during the 17th and 18th centuries, these Kang tables began to be appropriated as a table for beverages in the living room.

Evoke Eastern Elengace with Vintage Chinese Coffee Tables

Other styles include the Chinese chow table, a coffee table with legs that curve inward. These highly coveted pieces often showcase delicate ornamental accents, beaded borders, and plenty of natural patina. Due to their long and low nature, Chinese Kang and Chow tables are perfect for grounding a living room. Employ an antique Chinese coffee table to evoke a sophisticated, yet fun and funky, atmosphere. Another popular option is the Chinese scroll table. As its name indicates, the table mimics a scroll with the table’s surface curling inward to form legs. Used by the scholar class during the Ming dynasty, these scroll tables certainly exude intellect and poise. Outside of specific styles, Chinese coffee tables come in more simpler silhouettes too. Many take on rectangular, straight-edged shapes, while others may be perfectly square with an etched brass or glass top. No matter the shape, antique Chinese coffee tables are universally beloved for their individuality, beautiful lacquered finishes, and carved or hand painted embellishments.

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How much do chinese coffee tables cost?
Chinese coffee tables range in price from $225 to $19,200
Can I get free shipping on chinese coffee tables from Chairish?
Yes! Select chinese coffee tables ship for free from Chairish.
What are the shipping options for chinese coffee tables?
Chinese coffee tables can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.
How many vintage chinese coffee tables does Chairish have in stock?
We have 320+ vintage chinese coffee tables in stock.