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Want floors you adore? There’s no faster way to land them than vintage area rugs. If you’re on the hunt for vintage room rugs for sale, don’t hesitate to make Chairish ground zero for your search. Our colorful collection includes tens of thousands of vintage living room rugs, as well as a curated cut of newly-made contemporary rugs and carpets, hand-selected by our in-house team of style experts for their vintage-grade appeal. Whether you’re interested in Chinese Art Deco rugs, Moroccan Berber rugs, Turkish kilims, or newly-made jute rugs, you’re sure to find something to fulfill your vision here at Chairish.

Shop an Exceptional Edit of Vintage Area Rugs for Sale

With thousands of vintage and newly-made rugs for sale, we’ve invested serious time and thought into how to make all of those fabulous floor coverings easier to shop! Looking for something specific such as 5x8 wool rugs for sale? Use our size filters to quickly locate rugs in your desired size. You can also use color filters, should you be in pursuit of a specific color rug, such as a pink Art Deco rug or vintage blue Turkish rug. When you finally do find the perfect rug, add it to your cart to bring it home today, or make an offer using our beloved “Make an Offer” feature to see if you can strike a deal with the seller and score it for less than list!

Chairish—a Transparent Source for Vintage Area Rugs

At Chairish, we know area rugs are an investment. That’s why we hand-vet every rug on our site and list the sale price of every rug in our Chairish Pink Book Pricing Guide. Curious what the average selling price for an 8x11 Scandinavian kilim rug is? Or a 1920s Chinese Art Deco rug? Reference the Pink Book to see what similar area rugs have sold for in the past. Or, ask our rug dealers a direct question using our seller chat feature!

Traditional Area Rugs

When most of us think of traditional living room area rugs, we picture ornately patterned carpets in rich, bottomless hues. Historically, these hulking rugs have been categorized as Oriental rugs, a term meant to encapsulate all hand-knitted rugs deriving from Asia, including Iran, China, India, and Turkey. Rugs hailing from Iran are known as Persian rugs and they may be the most sought-after of all traditional rugs. Persian area rugs are generally large in size (traditionalists who are looking for an 8 x 10 or a 9 x 12 area rug—take note) and take months to weave by hand. Persian rugs typically display classic motifs, including crosses, combs, lotuses, husks, and flowers. While many consider Persian rugs to be predominantly red, they come in an array of colors including blue, brown, beige, and gold. Even those rugs that initially seem red often have dozens of complementary colors woven in.

Thanks to their scroll-like designs, traditional Oriental rugs pair effortlessly with classic design elements like English roll-arm sofas, cabriole leg chests and tables, Bergere chairs, and chesterfield sofas. For those who are hesitant to apply such a spirited pattern to the floor, consider choosing a rug with an accent color you’d like to repeat in your room’s design. For instance, a hint of rust or cornflower blue can be used for upholstery elsewhere in the room and instantly introduce a sense of visual cohesion.

Geometric Modern Area Rugs

Nothing lays down the grid work for a fabulous room like a geometric modern area rug. Contrary to what you might think, geometric area rugs aren’t just for those seeking contemporary style, either. Vintage flat-weave rugs hailing from Turkey and Morocco offer up bold stripes or other simplistic patterns in attention-grabbing colors. Since flat-weave area rugs are thin and light (and in most cases, reversible), they’re ideal for anyone on the prowl for a washable area rug. The only drawback to vintage geometric flat-weave rugs is that they lack the plushness of more traditionally hand-knotted wool rugs.

If you crave something stylistically simple with more cushion and a bit more of a luxe factor, you may want to consider newly-made area rugs from makers like Stark. Stark specializes in hand-knotted and hand-woven modern area rugs. Their carpets typically feature minimalist designs such as Greek key patterns, chevrons, trellises, or other interlocking geometrics. Stark rugs take on an especially prolific effect when rendered in large area rug sizes (think: 9 x 12 and 8 x 10 area rugs). Their subtly repetitive patterns mimic the look of more permanent flooring choices, such as tile or stone.

Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Whether you crave no-nonsense durability or an area rug that’s basically no-fail when it comes to mixing and matching with palettes and patterns, a natural fiber area rug is sure to fit the bill. Composed of naturally harvested materials like jute, sisal, and seagrass, natural fiber rugs come in a wide array of tans, beiges, and browns making them easy to merge with virtually any interior style. Since many are woven or braided, they also possess a unique textural appeal. More rustic rugs will showcase a chunky weft perfect for outfitting a room with a casual air, while on the other end of the spectrum, more refined rugs will come equipped with tightly woven surfaces. Depending on the craft that goes into the rug, these more tightly woven rugs can showcase unique patterns like herringbones, diamonds, or squares.

Those looking for a cost-effective 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 rug, may also want to familiarize themselves with natural fiber rugs. Oftentimes, these large area rugs will retail for hundreds less than wool rugs of equal size. Jute and sisal can also be a pinch hitter in the event you find a traditional or modern area rug that is too small for your room. Layer your smaller area rug over a sisal 9 x 12 or 8 x 10 rug and you’ll procure a unique designer-looking set-up in seconds. This also works wonders for a hide rug that might not be large enough to carry a living room.