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Antique Rocking Chairs

If you’ve ever sat in a rocking chair before, you know what we’re talking about when we say rocking chairs are one of the most underrated pieces of furniture ever. Although they’re usually associated with grandmas knitting sweaters or mothers nursing babies and putting them to sleep, rocking chairs are the original ergonomic chairs. Rocking chairs automatically rock backwards until you reach the center of gravity, allowing you to be at the optimal angle and unstressed position. Originally created as garden furniture in the 18th century, wicker rockers were known for their craftsmanship and creative designs. Among the first rocking chairs were Windsor rocking chairs, which were essentially just straight Windsor chairs with added rockers. Eventually, many types of rocking chairs were created. For example, a platform rocker was a variation that was mounted on a spring base, so instead of rocking directly on the surface it sits on, it rocks on an additional platform. Generally, rocking chairs were made of either wicker or wood, and in all sizes for the whole family. A child’s rocking chair is usually less elaborate, but more creative in shapes and styles. An adult rocking chair is more likely to have complex and ornate designs, drawing inspiration from more classic styles, like the Victorian era. One of the most well-known makers of quality rocking chairs is Sam Maloof. His rockers were known for their durability and deluxe appearance, featuring ski-shaped rockers. Check out Chairish’s collection of antique and vintage rocking chairs to add a little comfort into your space!