Children's Rocking Chairs

New, Vintage and Antique Children's Rocking Chairs


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Children's Rocking Chairs

Add an elegant touch to a child’s bedroom with a vintage child’s rocking chair from Chairish. These are no ordinary kids’ rocking chairs. Our vintage and antique rocking chairs for children are unique with darling designs preserved from history.

Vintage Rocking Chairs for Children

Because our antique children’s rocking chairs are curated and then edited for quality and strength, these cherished heirloom pieces acquired by Chairish will become your family’s re-Chairished heirloom.

Our rare vintage children’s rocking chairs are lovely, thoughtful, lasting gifts. In homes with no children, our professional interior designer clients tell us that an antique child-size rocking chair creates a precious living room focal point.

Rock This Way

The rocking chair, reportedly inspired by cradles that rocked, evolved from adult rocking chairs to children’s rocking chairs. Children loved them as much as they loved their rocking horses. Also shop our vintage rocking chairs for grownups.

When you purchase a re-Chairished antique or vintage piece of furniture or art from Chairish, you are contributing to a circular economy. In an Earth-friendly circular economy, well-cherished furnishings are preserved and sold for re-use. This spares the marketplace from taxing the planet’s resources to make new furnishings.