For vintage-loving couples planning their wedding, or guests looking to gift something truly one-of-a-kind, there are countless ways to work a bit of vintage into the big day. To get some pro advice, we turned to Tara Guérard, whose full-service planning and design firm, Tara Guérard Soirée, has been behind countless stunning celebrations and featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Martha Stewart Weddings. Discover ideas for vintage wedding decorations, gifts, and some of the unexpected ways Tara has seen vintage add extra-special charm to a couple’s celebration.

Wedding pro Tara Guérard leans on a marble table in her office with orange and brown filing systems.
Wedding pro Tara Guérard.

For Guests Who Want To Gift Vintage…

What do you see as the value of gifting a couple a vintage item? 
“A vintage and one-of-a-kind piece inherently has a story, a history that you’re tapping into. There’s a romantic feeling about buying something that has provenance and I just love the look of vintage barware, silver and flatware.”

What vintage items do you think make great wedding gifts?
“I am a big fan of gifting art to a new couple – and you can find the most incredibly vintage pieces that feel meaningful, plus it begins a tradition for the couple to acquire a new piece together every year for their anniversary! A vintage or collectible book is a thoughtful piece to add to a couple’s collection. Other interesting items could be a vintage tray used for serving or display, a crystal decanter (for those that enjoy a bar display), a chinoiserie vase, a moroccan blanket or some kind of textile.”

If had a $100 gift card to spend on Chairish, what items would you give as a wedding gift?
“I may have gone a bit over, but I love these glasses, and paired with this wicker decanter, they would make a fab gift!” 

Antique sideboard is used to display cheese while storing extra plates and glasses.
An antique sideboard used as a cheese display outside in the garden. Photo by Nickie Stone.

For Couples Who Want To Go Vintage…

What are your thoughts on working vintage into the decor of a wedding? What does it add to the event overall?
“I think it’s a great way to add to a particular design element. We have done that with lighting, lamps or large fixtures over the bar and dance floor, flatware and vintage china during dinner, or using antique table or home pieces throughout the decor (we have used as food displays, cake tables, photo displays, etc).”

Are there any vintage wedding decor items that you think would prove to be useful, even after the big day?
“Absolutely. Any of the above items–lighting, flatware, or china–would work beyond the wedding day and would tell a great story in the couple’s first home.”

Table setting with monogrammed napkin on antique gold-rimmed china.
A wedding dinner where the china that was gifted to the bride was used at the head table.

Registries have changed so much over the past few years. What role do you see vintage playing in wedding registries today? 
“I think that couples today want to bring meaning and purpose into every item they own. Vintage pieces allow for that in such a special way and help to repurpose older pieces.”

Thank you to Tara, and be sure to check out more of her dreamy weddings here! For the gift anyone is sure to love, discover the Chairish Gift Card.

Lead photo courtesy of Tara Guérard


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March 25, 2019

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