Now in its 52nd year, Earth Day is an excellent time to reflect on ways we can be kinder to the planet. The last year has certainly given us all the opportunity to take stock and reorient ourselves at home — and in a greater sense, the home we all share. One way we’re able to help at Chairish is by focusing on vintage and antique shopping and the ways in which it’s a green choice.

More than just being chic (if we do say so ourselves), vintage shopping powers the circular economy, which is all about the reusing, refurbishing, repairing, and reselling of goods to minimize waste. Since Chairish was founded, we’ve kept over 600,000 (and counting) vintage and antique items in circulation, “rechairishing” them in our marketplace. Every time you rechairish something, be it a space-age lamp, a lavish tiger print rug, a velvet sofa, or a rare art book, you’re extending its life and contributing to a kinder, more circular economy.

Our shoppers are proud to be part of this mission. Seventy-two percent of them agree that the resale market plays a big role in the future of sustainability. We wholeheartedly agree. As our co-founder and president Anna Brockway says, “Vintage is an essential part of the circular economy and we’re proud to be leading the way. It’s the most stylish way to be kinder to our planet.” And special kudos need to go to the 10,000+ small businesses who sell on Chairish, making our contributions to the circular economy possible.

We’ll be putting out more information about the circular economy and the role of vintage shopping over the rest of the year. In the meantime, if you’ve bought something on Chairish and want to share, use #foundandchairished on social and let’s share the vintage love together.

Lead image by Tessa Neustadt


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April 20, 2022

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