When we first encountered this colorful loft designed by the interior design firm, Tilton Fenwick, we spied a bundle of tricks that begged to be shared. Below, this design duo, Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham, walk us through this Greenwich Village artist’s loft ingeniously-converted for a family of five, and share their tips for incorporating an extra bit of punch into every corner of your home, hallways included.


Industrial loft with blue velvet sofa and exposed brick walls
Photo by Trevor Tondro

Tip No. 1: Introduce Color in Unexpected Ways

“Here, the unexpected yellow lamp shades are a cheerful and easy way to bring a pop of color to the space. They also tie together with the yellow coffee table that’s located in the other part of the loft living space, lending cohesion.”

White fireplace with exposed brick walls and yellow coffee table
Photo by Trevor Tondro

Tip No. 2: Go For a Game Table

“Our clients are big readers. They loved the idea of sitting at the game table in the morning with a cup of coffee and the day’s paper. If you have the space, a game table is a lovely and unexpected spot to factor into a main living space.”

White doors open to reveal a hidden bar with patterned wallpaper and glass shelves
Photo by Trevor Tondro

Tip No. 3: Create a Focal Point with Wallpaper

“A tiny space is the perfect place for a surprise like this one. Just one roll of wallpaper creates a jewel-box surprise. This fun closet door also slides back so it can be kept open for parties and entertaining, when the drinks will be flowing!”

Blue hallway with patterned panels leads to a bright, white bathroom
Photo by Trevor Tondro

Tip No. 4: Treat Hallways Like A Canvas

“Using a solid bold color for moldings, trim (and walls) is an easy way to make a statement. We added wallpaper to the door panels for extra wow factor leading into a serene bathroom.”

Bathroom with blue tile bathroom and framed posters
Photo by Trevor Tondro

Tip No. 5: For Kids, Think Classic, With a Twist

“This is a kid’s bathroom, so the blue subway tile was important to keeping it feeling fun and youthful, yet sophisticated enough for any adult who might swing by. The client found these alphabet prints on a trip to Paris, and they worked out perfectly!”

Kids room with twin beds, blue and green striped rug, and builtin bookshelves
Photo by Trevor Tondro

Tip No. 6: Bring Extra Color To Your Bookcase

“A favorite trick is painting (or wallpapering) the back of a bookshelf. It’s a wonderful place to add color and pattern without overwhelming a space.”

Eclectic bedroom with floral wallpaper and upholstered headboard
Photo by Trever Tondro

Tip No. 7: Embrace Pattern in the Bedroom

“This wallpaper is incredibly beautiful and, because of the pattern, it feels enveloping as well. Thanks to the latter, this room feels like a cozy and comforting retreat, and not at all overwhelming.”


Lead image by Trevor Tondro

December 6, 2017

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