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If you’re on the hunt for the bright stuff, don’t hesitate to check out our collection of vintage lanterns. Whether you’re looking for a classic tole antique lantern chandelier or an Anglo-Indian glass bell lantern, you’re sure to find something to bring your vision to light here at Chairish. Our collection consists of thousands of lanterns, sourced from top-tier vintage dealers located all over the U.S. and Europe. There are no limits to what you can find in our collection. Discover Art Deco vintage lantern lights fixture designs as well as epic Venetian lanterns and Brutalist lanterns designed by sought-after designers like Tom Greene. Browse unique items that you won’t find anywhere else, including carriage lanterns and railway lanterns.

Go with the Glow! Shop Vintage Lantern Pendant Lights at Chairish

Need a vintage lantern in a particular style, such as Brutalist or Art Deco? Use our style filters to make easy work of locating the perfect style of lantern. Need a pair of lanterns? We have a filter for that, too! Simply select our pair options, located under or “Sets / Pieces” filter. With Chairish, virtually anything that you can dream of is likely available, from rustic old street lanterns to elaborate Belle Epoque lanterns. As a bonus, because the majority of our lanterns for sale are vintage, you can kiss long lead timex goodbye. Virtually every vintage item is in stock and ready-to-ship, meaning near-instant gratification is just a click away!

Brass Moroccan Lantern

If you’re looking to give your home a sense of the exotic, try a vintage Moroccan lantern. Heavily relying on stellated forms, geometric patterns, and jewel-bright glass, Moroccan lanterns are more than just a functional light source—they’re downright captivating. While they are dozens of Moroccan lantern variations to choose from, most will be made of metal and feature a domed or cathedral-like shape. Some emit light through holes punched in the metal, while others feature glass panels.

By nature, most Moroccan lanterns are hanging lanterns, making them ideal for decorating an outdoor patio or deck. Opt for several hanging lanterns in colored glass and string them from an outdoor arbor or tree for color during the day and a firefly-like flicker come nightfall. Alternatively, if backyard living isn’t your thing, try using a trio of Moroccan lanterns—we personally love silver lanterns here—strung up over a rectangular dining table. Because there’s three, the impact will be major and the vibe will be pure Casablanca romance.

Nautical Ship Lantern

If Moroccan lanterns feel too frilly to make the cut in your space, then let us suggest a medley of nautical ship lanterns. While avid collectors will be happy to educate you on the particulars of starboard, port, cargo, and anchor lanterns, we’ll shamelessly put it out there—we really just love them all! Originally lit via whale oil, traditional ship lanterns were designed to adorn different parts of the boat and both light it for the crew and send signals to oncoming boats. To endure elements, many of these used lanterns featured brass, tin, or copper construction.

To use these rustic lanterns in contemporary homes, try opting for a pair and using them to flank a front door. We also love the look of a large, single nautical lantern staged on an entry console or dining table. If an authentic ship’s lantern doesn’t call to you; however, don’t discount the look just yet! Instead, try a nautical-inspired piece, like a hurricane lantern or a wooden lantern with a rustic, washed finish. Many of these used lanterns will evoke a maritime spirit without the industrial edge.

Paper Lantern

Understandably, when it comes to decorating with vintage lanterns, paper lanterns might not be the first thing you think of. With a vibe that’s perhaps more attuned to a sweet sixteen bash than serious home decor, paper lanterns can sometimes feel temporary, or—even worse—disposable.

But when used in the right room, paper lanterns can actually feel remarkably chic. What’s the right room, you ask? Try a playroom or a nursery. Featuring a fun, ball-like silhouette and deep, bubble-licious hues, paper lanterns are nothing but sweet bliss when clustered over a crib or hung over a twin bed in lieu of a canopy. To keep the look from straying into party territory, try arranging your paper lanterns in a tight cluster and using an array of colors and textures, like ribbed, ruffled, and pompom lanterns. It probably goes without saying, but skip the lights here (unless your used lanterns come pre-wired), and make sure to hang them high enough so little hands can’t reach. Finally, stand back and admire your dreamscape!

Questions & Answers

Can I get free shipping on lanterns from Chairish?
Yes! Select lanterns ship for free from Chairish.
Do you carry gold lanterns?
We have lanterns in popular colors including gold, black, and brass.
How many vintage lanterns does Chairish have in stock?
We have 1,100+ vintage lanterns in stock.
Does Chairish have lanterns on sale?
Yes! We have 240+ lanterns on sale.