We’re back with a new guest tastemaker for some quick-fire questions and a mini-curation of some fab Chairish finds!

This week we are joined by a Fort Worth-based designer whose bold and colorful aesthetic is only outmatched by her spunky personality. Blogger, writer and self-proclaimed foodie Shauna Glenn started her firm Shauna Glenn Design after realizing her natural passion and signature approach to interior design. While Shauna has admitted that she’s never formally studied the rules of design, she has proven to be a master at throwing caution to the wind, and filling the homes of her clientele with an eclectic combination of design genres, colors, and accents.

Read on to find out which design trend she can’t wait to see go, and which fashion icon she admires for their joie de vivre.

What’s helping you get through quarantine? What are you excited to do once it ends? 
I’m a homebody by nature, so being forced to stay at home is almost a dream come true. I do miss going to the movies, so I look forward to the day when it’s once again totally acceptable behavior to eat popcorn and peanut M&Ms in the dark.

Who is your ultimate style icon, and why? 
I love Tom Ford. Besides the fashion, he’s just so cool in every way. I love his take-no-prisoners approach to life. What other person could get away with creating a cologne called “F—ing Fabulous?” I’ll tell you who: No one. I would totally make out with him. 

Do you collect anything?
I collect art. Fun, funky, cool art from people I connect with. It’s almost an obsession. I definitely need more wall space. I recently joked about opening a gallery where people could come see my art. Of course none of it would be for sale, but I’m okay with people seeing it! 

What’s a current trend that you hope doesn’t exist in 100 years? 
Shabby chic and the farmhouse look. And words on walls. I’m happy you’re “blessed,” but my life is a s—show so… 

In the past, you’ve said “Throw out the rule book. Design the way you feel.” How long did it take for you to discover your signature aesthetic? 
I’m not sure there was a specific aha moment, or that I even realized that what I was doing was working. But people kept hiring me so I was like, huh. I guess this works. And then I turned it up a notch. 

Headshot Image by Danette Adelson


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September 23, 2020

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