Porcelain and ceramic mugs are both common serving vessels for hot beverages, but they have some differences based on their composition and appearance.

Porcelain mugs are crafted of porcelain, a type of ceramic made from clay fired at very high temperatures. It’s known for its translucency, which provides it a glossy finish. Thanks to this luster, porcelain mugs have a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Although it can be very thin in appearance, porcelain mugs are very durable. They also have a lower water absorption rate, which makes them less prone to staining.

The term “ceramic” is more of a catchall phrase and encompasses a wider range of materials made from clay. Fired at lower temperatures than porcelain, ceramic mugs are generally more porous and have a less polished appearance. As a result, many ceramic mugs have a casual or rustic feel. They also tend to have thicker walls, resulting in a more substantial feel compared to porcelain mugs. As you might expect, ceramic mugs tend to be lower in price compared to porcelain pieces, which can often run hundreds of dollars for a set.


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May 30, 2023

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