Designer Miles Redd Shares Decorating Tricks We ALL Can Use

It’s fair to say that in the design world, Miles Redd is in a category all his own (and incidentally, one of his own making). His signature brand of glamour, invigorated with joyful splashes of color and whimsy, result in dazzling and totally distinctive spaces. More than just interiors, Miles Redd conjures up a vision for how to live, and it’s filled with beauty and fun. Along with his curation of Chairish picks, we asked this renowned designer to share a few gems of decorating wisdom and some of his favorite things. Don’t miss this peek inside his lush, wonderful world.


Miles Redd
Photo by Melanie Acevedo

What do you love about designing with vintage pieces?
By shopping for good prices on great pieces you get a chance to customize. Repaint a bench chalky white and reupholster it in peacock blue and you have a piece no one else has.

You’re known for interiors with a sense of drama. What’s one way people can instantly dial-up the drama in a room?
Buy one statement piece of quality, such as an oil painting, a carved gilt mirror, or an antique rug.

Miles Redd
Photo by Paul Costello

Is there a decorating mistake you see a lot of people making?
Rugs that are too small. It should fill the room.

Bold colors are one of your signatures. Is there a place where you think people could embrace more color?
Kitchens. I love to do a white kitchen, and sometimes it’s what the home requires, but just as often white kitchens are a missed opportunity to really go for it. How about cobalt blue or bottle green?

Miles Redd
Photo by Paul Costello

Design Favorites:

Favorite paint color: 
Benjamin Moore’s Bird’s Egg blue.

Favorite pattern:
Chinese patterns or motifs often found in old rugs, but we sometimes paint it, like fretwork on the walls.

Favorite color combo: 
Currently moss green and peacock blue, but it changes all the time.

Miles Redd
Photo by Paul Costello

Lifestyle Favorites:

Favorite travel destination: 

Favorite hotel to check in to:
Round Hill in Jamaica.

Favorite app: 
Uber. It gets me where I’m going.

Favorite morning beverage: 
Hot water with lemon, on a bed tray.

Miles Redd
Photo by Paul Costello

Favorite thank you / hostess gift: 
Orchid in a mossy terracotta pot.

Favorite entertaining essential: 
Flattering lighting.

Favorite cocktail: 
Tanqueray and tonic with lime.

Miles Redd
Photo by Paul Costello

Favorite artist: 
John Singer Sargeant

Favorite thing to collect: 

Favorite saying/quote: 
“Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted. He lived happily ever after.” —Willy Wonka

Miles Redd
Photo by Paul Costello

Local Favorites: NYC

Favorite restaurant: 
Basta Pasta

Favorite local culture hub: 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Favorite local attraction: 
The Rockettes

Miles Redd
Photo by Paul Costello

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Lead photo by Paul Costello

January 14, 2019

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