We’re back with a new guest tastemaker for some quick-fire questions and a mini-curation of some fab Chairish finds!

This week we are joined by interior designer Laura Hodges. Since moving to Baltimore to open her design firm Laura Hodges Studio, Laura has also launched a brick-and-mortar boutique and online shop, Domain, where she showcases local artwork, home decor and jewelry finds. Her enthusiasm for local artisans goes hand in hand with her passion for sustainable design and fair-trade business, which is also reflected in her firm’s use of recycling building materials and its prioritization of energy-efficient elements and principles.

Read on to find out what additions she’s made to her home since quarantine began and which important lesson she believes the challenges of 2020 has taught the design industry.

What’s helping you get through quarantine? What are you excited to do once it ends?
We have been (fortunately) very busy with design projects in 2020, so that’s been a very good way for us to keep a sense of normalcy and stay optimistic during this challenging time. We’re excited to be able to see our clients’ faces again when we can stop wearing masks!

What kind of design additions or changes have you made to your home since quarantine began?
We were already considering updating our outdoor space before 2020, so COVID gave us a good push to get started! We’ve expanded our livable outdoor space and incorporated additional areas for outdoor sports and entertaining. I think these updates will help us get through the winter months, and hopefully we’ll still be able to socialize outside. 

What is the most memorable career moment you’ve had so far?
Being named a Next Wave Designer by House Beautiful in 2019 was an amazing moment in my career. I’ve read House Beautiful since I was in high school, so having my work featured on the pages of this authoritative magazine was a wonderful moment. 

What’s something you wish would change in the interior design industry?
I have high hopes that sustainability and wellness will become more important to the industry at large. I think this year has made clear how important human connection is and we should have that same connection with and respect for our environment.

What’s a current trend that you hope doesn’t exist in 100 years?
I hope that fast furniture (like fast fashion) doesn’t exist in the future. Furniture shouldn’t be considered to be disposable or easily replaced, and I hope that consideration for our environment will play a bigger role in design and purchasing. 

You’ve credited your love of design to your passion for travel. Is there a place or piece that you’ve come across in your travels that has been particularly inspirational or influential to you?
I found a fabulous collapsible wood stool on a trip to Morocco when I was 21. I’ve always loved the functionality and clever simplicity in the design of the legs that fold down for transport. The shape and form influenced the style of a custom side table that I designed for a recent design project. 


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November 20, 2020

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