While a pristine home filled with hard-edged furnishings and prized artworks screams sophistication, no interior is worth both your toddler’s safety and your own peace of mind. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style when making your space kid-proof. Below, we’ve assembled some ideas for decorating tasteful rooms with small children in mind!

In this Pacific Palisades play room, Dan Scotti Design installed a red bench with storage, a round kid's table and kid sized chairs and a teddy bear to create a childlike wonder.
Design by Dan Scotti Design / Photo by Peter Murdock

Round Out Your Room

Avoid the ultimate parent nightmare of your child dinging their noggin on a sharp table by opting for rounded furniture. Round coffee tables and round dining tables come in a variety of chic styles that can match — if not beat — their sharply-bordered counterparts. Also, marble or laminate tables are excellent choices when it comes to easy clean-up. Not only can they handle spills, but they don’t water stain or scratch like wood tables. Elsewhere, soft seating options like bean bags, ottomans, poufs, and floor cushions are extremely fall-friendly. Their lack of pretension also lends a sort of childlike wonder to a space.

Keep White to a Minimum

Although pigment-less palettes imbue a cool refinement, they also amplify spills and scratches. Sacrifice your all-white affections for the time being and limit white furniture and accessories, if you can. Instead, consider patterned pieces, as they better camouflage accidental messes. When it comes to floor coverings, antique rug styles like Persian, Berber, and Chinese Art Deco rugs usher in style and provide busy patterns that won’t show dirt. Speaking of, ground rugs with non-slip backing to keep your free-range kids from sliding and skidding.

Assign Areas

To keep order in your home, it can help to designate places where your rugrats are allowed to romp around to their hearts’ contents. Consider a sectioned-off space in a living room, den, or even their own bedroom. Curtains, hung similar to theater drapes, can be used to effectively section off part of a room. All of this said, you don’t want your kids to feel barred from certain areas of the house. Celebrate your children by professionally framing their art. Kid-sized furniture can also make your munchkins feel included and represented.

Lead image: Design by Noz Design / Photo by Colin Price Photography


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July 17, 2022

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